Twin Flame Energy Update: April 24 - 30

This week, Twin Flames are going within to face the challenges arising in their physical reality. Your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality – overcoming obstacles starts with you choosing to show up for yourself and do your inner work. Don’t be afraid to feel big feelings and bring love to those parts of yourself that are feeling hurt and separate from Love. You can use the Mirror Exercise, taught in the Teachings of Union, to support you in this process.

We are currently in the Eclipse Gateway, which is the time period between eclipses. This time period, which generally lasts approximately two weeks, is an opportunity to go within, be very present with your feelings, and meditate on your next steps. You can generally think of this time period as a reprieve from the transformative energy we just experienced with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 20th. It’s a chance to take in the new energy and integrate it before we experience the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th. With Mercury in retrograde, the energy is not ideal for bold new action just yet, but rather, it’s time to wrap up old projects, revise your work, and prepare for the changes arising in the next 6 months.

This is not a time to get caught up in the how and the why of your manifestations. Rather, it’s a time to soak in the big picture, call in your next steps, and allow things to be revealed. The Universe desires for you to arrive into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union – your journey is deeply supported. Trust that when you release resistance to having your dreams come true, that you are allowing yourself to naturally vibrate in harmony with your greatest good. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish when you choose to align with Love.