If you desire to cultivate a deep, fulfilling romance with your Twin Flame, it’s important to first nurture the friendship that you share together. Since your Twin Flame is your perfect partner in every way, they are also your ultimate best friend. Before Daniel and I got into Union, I really had never experienced that true, deep friendship that you can only have with your Twin Flame. It’s definitely a different sort of relationship to be truly loved unconditionally. You can completely, totally be your authentic self without the fear of being judged, and that’s worth its weight in gold!

I know many people focus very deeply on the Divine Lover aspect of Twin Flames, but how can you truly cultivate Divine Romance without a true, faithful friendship? True friendship requires real intimacy, which requires you to be very emotionally honest with yourself. The more you are willing to be really honest with your own feelings, and then address and heal any discomfort you feel, the more you’re going to experience ease and peace within your Union. Nurturing your friendship with your Twin Flame nurtures your Union, and it absolutely nurtures your romance.

Being with my Twin Flame has helped me identify a lot of things about myself that I had lost touch with, because he is my Divine Complement. As Twin Flames, we’re not perfect cookie-cutter replicates of each other – we complement each other in every way. He doesn’t exactly like every single thing that I like, and I don’t like every single thing that he likes, but as we both make that core choice to love each other unconditionally, we can share ourselves openly and share in new things together. We’ve introduced each other to a lot of new movie genres, music, and activities, and we’re always discovering new ways that our interests can combine!

Although we’ve always had a peaceful connection at the core, it wasn’t always the case that we could express ourselves so openly with each other. We definitely have had to heal a lot of core blocks toward emotional honesty within our Union. I’m grateful for the Teachings of Union and the Mirror Exercise, which have supported us in being able to work through these blocks together peacefully.

If you’re working through Twin Flame separation, the best thing that I can recommend is to make the core choice to heal the energy of friendship. You begin by choosing to become your own best friend. Part of the reason that we had such a harmonious friendship right off the bat is that Daniel and I both spent a lot of time cultivating our relationships with ourselves throughout our lives, and especially in the years before coming together. I really got used to spending time with myself, and when Daniel entered the mix, it was natural!

Society, in a way, teaches us to approach romantic relationships as a way to fill a void with yourself, or make up for the areas in which you might be lacking. That isn’t going to fly with your Twin Flame, since you are One Consciousness! This is a good thing, though – it really teaches you how to actually resolve problems, rather than cover them up. Being with your Twin Flame is like being with an amplified version of your own energy. That’s why getting to know yourself while you’re healing separation is essential for a strong friendship with your Twin Flame. You might be surprised at how fun it is to know you!