Why you Need a Guide on the Twin Flame Journey

The Twin Flame journey is an incredibly transformative and profound experience. It’s an awakening to who we truly are through the deepest aspects of ourselves and how we relate to the world around us. Your Union with your Twin Flame is unlike a typical soulmate relationship; navigating it successfully involves transforming your way of being from separation consciousness toward Union consciousness. If you truly desire Harmonious Twin Flame Union, claiming support through Twin Flame Ascension School and a Certified Ascension Coach is essential.

Separation consciousness is rooted in the belief that we are disconnected from others and the Divine. It’s a belief that you are separate from Love itself, and that Love is something that exists outside of you. Union consciousness, on the other hand, recognizes the interconnectedness of all beings and acknowledges the Divine unity that exists within and around us. Embracing Union consciousness is essential to understanding the oneness you experience with your Twin Flame, and aligning with your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

I think most of us who start out on the Twin Flame journey aren’t really aware of what it really is; we may know that it’s a spiritual journey, but mostly we are fueled by an intense desire for Love. That’s what awakens most of us to the journey – a desire for our One True Love. Naturally, a spark arises where you feel a “different” sort of connection with someone – deeper than ever before, and you just can’t let it go. You search online, and stumble upon the term Twin Flames, and then before you know it, you’re down an online rabbit hole of information. You might try to navigate it yourself, but soon, you find yourself going in circles. Many people give up at this point.

The Twin Flame journey is an inner journey, but it’s not simply a journey of meditation and raising your vibration by thinking positive thoughts. It’s an active spiritual journey, where you face down the blocks and issues in your life that are leaking your energy, making you feel bad, and keeping you stuck. It involves feeling uncomfortable feelings and making new choices. It means learning how to love yourself in new ways that you’ve never experienced before. Most people, in spite of themselves, will deviate very little from what they know – if you want to make this massive vibrational shift, you really need support.

Twine Flame Ascension School provides you with the support you need to make the vibrational leap from separation consciousness toward Union consciousness. You don’t need to figure this out or try to navigate this path on your own; the course is laid out for you. I, quite simply, would never have met my Twin Flame had my life continued along the same trajectory that it was before. While I was living a life of outward success, internally, I felt completely out of alignment with my true self, and had no idea how to fix it. Thanks to Twin Flame Ascension School and this community, I was able to heal through the blocks that were keeping me stuck, and begin vibrating in harmony with my Union and my true Twin Flame.

Coming into Union with your Twin Flame doesn’t need to be hard. It’s something that is accessible and attainable now, thanks to the Teachings of Union. You must be willing to grow, learn, and change, but the benefits you experience are worth their weight in gold. Your Twin Flame Union is the foundation for your Divine life – you’re worth the effort to set yourself up for success.

You can learn more about Twin Flame Ascension School and the Teachings of Union at www.twinflamesuniverse.com