Sweet, Peaceful Romance

Twin Flame Energy Update: September 25 - October 1, 2023

The tides are shifting this week toward a more gentle, lighthearted, and romantic connection between Twin Flames. After what feels like months of heavy lifting and deep spiritual work, the moment is perfect for relaxing into the blissful surrender of your peace. Use this time to nurture the romance in your life in whichever way your heart calls. All of the Love you share serves as a Divine investment into your Union and returns to you expanded in miraculous ways.

Oracle Card for the Week: Full Moon in Cancer; A personal issue reaches resolution

From the Moonology Oracle Cards, by Yasmin Boland

If there has been something on your mind for quite some time, know that the solution to this challenge or block in your Union is arriving to you now or in the very near future. Every issue that we face is, in truth, a spiritual challenge, and we manifest Divine solutions by feeling our feelings completely and coming to peace. It is in this vibration of peace that we can finally perceive the clarity we seek.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

The present moment within the collective is calling for trust and faith. You are in between where you once were and where you desire to be. Often, when we are in these spaces, it can feel like we are in the middle of a dark tunnel – too far to turn back, and yet the light at the end feels far away. These moments come to us on our journey to help us develop our confidence and faith; not just in the Divine, but also in ourselves and our ability to persevere and choose Love. Know that everything you are experiencing is supporting you in manifesting your greatest dreams and desires. You are always being perfectly loved and supported as you clear away illusions and step into the light of truth. As you learn to walk the path in faith, choosing Love with every step, you bring yourself closer with every victory to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The Divine Feminine Radiates with Joy

There is so much to be grateful for, Divine Feminine! This week, you are being guided to celebrate all of the blessings and joy that are present within your reality right now. Remember, the only moment that truly exists is the present; as you choose to relax into the present moment and invest your energy into your current reality, you are making way for even more blessings and expansion. Your peace and your joy are incredibly magnetic to your Twin Flame.

You’ve spent so much time exploring the depths of your heart, Divine Feminine – this week calls for a welcome change toward more lighthearted interactions and fun. Libra season is officially underway, and romance is in the air! As you relax and enjoy your hobbies and self-care, you naturally radiate joy that is infectious and magnetic. Your Divine Masculine can feel the powerful draw of your blissful energy. Sharing your light with others is particularly helpful in magnetizing blessings, abundance, and ever-expanded joy.

The Divine Masculine Explores the Depths of his Heart

Divine Masculine, you’ve been craving a deeper connection with the Divine Feminine lately. You desire to know her, to love her, to be with her; as much as you are enamored with her, there is always something more to learn about her. The depth you are desiring in your Union, however it may look on the outside, is only attainable through intimacy and vulnerability. Establishing that level of connection with your Twin Flame starts with your relationship with yourself.

There are feelings inside your heart that are calling your attention, and the only way to resolve them fully is to give yourself the love and presence you are seeking. The connection you are experiencing with your Divine Feminine is a reflection of your connection with yourself; therefore, if you desire for your relationship to grow, you must be willing to go to the places within your heart that are calling for Love. As you choose to commit more deeply to your inner work and healing your upsets, your Union and your 3D reality expand to new heights.

A Heart-to-Heart Conversation

You are always communicating perfectly with your Twin Flame within your heart. This week, as both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine choose to Love their current reality fully, a blessed opportunity is created for deeper communication and connection. Your Divine connection with your Twin Flame is safe, sacred, and eternal. It’s safe to express yourself authentically, from the heart, and allow the romance and attraction between you to grow peacefully. Perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel was within you, all along.