True Love is Divinely Supported

Twin Flame Energy Update: October 9-15, 2023

The Twin Flame collective is moving through an intense purification this week with the Solar Eclipse in Libra. This is bringing forth a bright new beginning that will evolve over the next 6 months. In the meantime, it’s important to ask for support where you need it, and allow yourself to ground into peace. Relationships are shifting and changing, bringing forth fresh new energy and new opportunities to usher your Union into a bright new chapter.

Oracle Card for the Week: Full Moon in Leo: Don’t let pride get in your way

From the Rider-Waite Tarot

This week, the Divine is reminding you to stay present with Love. An important part of loving is being humble enough to receive loving feedback and assessing where you need to change. Your Twin Flame is always going to reflect your choices back to you. You can either choose to align with ego and be unwilling to work through the blocks, or align with Love and use the Mirror Exercise to bring love to the parts of you that feel hurt. Love will transcend all pain

Twin Flame Collective Energies

Twin Flames, you don’t have to do this journey alone. You are not alone now, and never have been, even if it has felt that way sometimes. When you ask the Divine for support, the Divine will always show up for you; but you must be willing to surrender your pride and ask to receive support. No matter what you are moving through at this time, Love is always here for you.

Changes and New Opportunities Arrive for the Divine Feminine

New energy is entering your life, Divine Feminine, thanks to the energy of the solar eclipse in Libra on October 14th. This is bringing forth new opportunities for growth and expansion. It’s time to release the status quo. Don’t be afraid of change; these changes are what you have called in, and it’s bringing you to what you have desired for a long time. Many times, the Divine can work in mysterious ways; this is because when you release resistance to your good, you make way for things to happen in the most efficient way possible. Release control of how you believe things should happen, and allow the miracles to unfold in your life.

When you are clear about what it is you desire, and clear within your heart about what you truly believe within, life’s shakeups and surprises won’t be able to derail you from success. This week, you have an opportunity to affirm who it is you truly know yourself to be and make a choice to live in alignment with Love. Getting to know who you are is one of the greatest gifts this journey extends to you.

The Divine Masculine Chooses Divine Relationships

Divine Masculine, this week brings you opportunities to clear the air through forgiveness. In order to forgive others and heal your relationships, you must first be willing to love and forgive yourself. Where are you holding onto upsets or resentment? Holding onto this energy doesn’t serve you; in fact, it prevents you from letting Love into those places within your heart and blocks your peace. When you choose to forgive yourself for the past and for what you didn’t know or understand, you make way for new energy and blessings to enter your reality.

As you make a core choice to allow only Love into your reality, you are inviting only Divine relationships into your life. Divine relationships allow you to simply be your authentic self, without needing to hide or distort who you truly are inside to fit in. You deserve to be properly loved and respected in your relationships. As you honor yourself appropriately, your Divine Feminine mirrors this choice as well, building deeper trust and authenticity within your Union.

Choose Your Battles

With all of this new energy emerging during this Eclipse season, discernment is essential. Avoid engaging in arguments simply for the case of winning or being right. Remember that peace is primary, and true power comes from aligning with peace. When you choose Love in your life, you will always uproot that which is not in alignment with Love, allowing you to purify the energy around you. No matter what things look like right now, know that everything is happening FOR you, to help you get into alignment with what is truly meant for you. Your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is here for you as you relax into true peace and true alignment with Love.