A Breath of Fresh Air

Twin Flame Energy Update: October 23-29, 2023

As eclipse season comes to a close this week with the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on Saturday, October 28th, the Twin Flame collective is receiving a much-desired and well-deserved moment of rest, play, and relaxation. Being fully present with the challenges ahead of you helps you transcend into a beautiful next level of your journey.

Oracle Card for the Week: Wedding. This situation involves marriage

From the The Romance Angels Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue

The purpose of your Twin Flame journey is Divine Marriage. You and your Twin Flame are already married in Divine Truth, and your journey serves to help you clear the illusions that are keeping this truth from being made manifest in your physical reality. As you choose to live in alignment with your Divine truth, you naturally attract all that is truly meant for you.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

If there is something on your heart to accomplish, the beginning of the week is the perfect time to take action. You are being guided to make the effort to make your dreams come true. What is it that your heart is guiding you to do? You will know by how peaceful it feels to make progress on it. As you take steps towards your dreams, you naturally attract all of your good towards you.

The Divine Feminine Learns to Trust

What if all of your fears are not real? What if they were all illusions created by ego to prevent you from becoming your truest self? This week, Divine Feminine, you are being called to dive deeper into your heart, and trust the Divine. Fear is simply the absence of Love – any place in which you are holding onto fear is a call to give yourself Love, attention, and compassion.

Bringing Love to these places within your heart brings you deep relief. After so many weeks of intense inner work and transformation this eclipse season, your heart is longing to play and relax. As the week draws to a close, make plans to engage in your favorite activities and have fun. As you allow your cup to fill with joy, you become naturally magnetic to all you desire.

The Divine Masculine Claims His Abundance

Divine Masculine, you’ve had your next level on your mind. Although you’ve been doing your best to follow every step that the Divine has placed before you, you are still working through fears and worries about how your dreams will be made manifest. This week, you will receive greater clarity and reassurance that you are moving in the right direction.

As you learn to trust the guidance of your heart, every step becomes easier. Exploring your inner feelings helps you get to know yourself better, and helps you clear intimacy blocks with your beloved Twin Flame. It’s safe for you to live authentically, in alignment with who you truly are. The more you allow yourself to express your joy, the more abundant you become.

Enjoy this Moment

The present moment is all that we have. When you allow yourself to be fully present and enjoy each moment for the goodness that it offers, you create a beautiful, Divine life for yourself. You are being guided every step of the way on your Twin Flame journey. It’s safe to allow yourself to relax and receive all of the good that is here for you now.