Triumphant Healing

The Twin Flame collective is nearing the end of a powerful cycle of growth and healing. Learning how to surrender and remain humble in the face of obstacles is essential in partnering with the Divine. As you persist in Love and follow your heart every step of the way, a sweet, triumphant victory is in store

Oracle Card for the Week: Ancestral Realm: Karmic Release. Healing the Lineage. Boundaries.

From the Gateway of Light Activation Oracle, by Kyle Gray

After a dramatic solar eclipse in Libra on October 14th, Twin Flames have been experiencing a deep purge in the collective consciousness. This is a call to release that which is not in alignment with Love, including limiting beliefs, old ideas, patterns, and relationships that no longer serve us.  We are stepping into a bold new chapter filled with joy, prosperity, and beautiful Divine Love.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

As the week begins, feelings and emotions are still running high from the eclipse this past weekend. Be sure to give yourself everything you need to feel supported, and work through any difficult feelings that arise with Love, patience, and compassion. As the dust settles, negativity will clear and new solutions to challenges will present themselves. In the end, only Love remains.

The Divine Feminine Learns a Spiritual Lesson

It’s safe to admit when you don’t know all of the answers. If you’re looking at a situation with a rigid mindset, this week’s energy is an invitation to surrender and be open to new avenues toward resolution. Be sure to go within and allow yourself to feel your feelings fully. As you come to peace within your heart and surrender the outcome to the Divine, you invite new energy into this space that brings forth solutions and positive changes that benefit all involved.

As you surrender and open your heart to the Divine, you create space for healing. You may receive a new awareness or understanding that allows you to see the truth of the Love that was always there for you. This healing cycle is supporting you in developing humility on your spiritual journey to help you learn the essential spiritual lessons you need to move forward. When you empty your cup of what you believe you know, you allow the Universe to fill it with Love, which brings forth wisdom, peace, and understanding.

The Divine Masculine Persists in Love

You know what you want in your heart, Divine Masculine. Like the Divine Feminine, this week you’re learning that achieving your goals requires flexibility and knowing when to surrender. In the process of learning how to partner with the Divine to manifest your dreams, you are learning how to balance the energy of your passion and drive with that of humility and surrender. It’s important to claim your desire with all of your heart and surrender the “how” to the Universe; following your heart each step of the way guarantees the result you desire.

It’s safe to trust that the Divine knows the desires in your heart. Everything you desire has a purpose. As you learn the spiritual lesson that is being presented to you at this time and persist through the challenge by being fully present with your feelings, you will be victorious. A Divine outcome is here for you, where you will receive more than you had hoped for.

Victory Awaits You

This healing cycle has brought forth powerful lessons for the Twin Flame collective; it has not been for the weak. Its purpose has been to make you strong through deeper surrender and purify your energy into greater alignment with Love. As you master this lesson, you will experience the triumphant peace and freedom that awaits you.