Strength in Love

Twin Flame Energy Update: November 6 - 12, 2023

As the auspicious date of 11/11 approaches, alignment with Love comes into the forefront for the Twin Flame collective. Stay grounded in peace as you work through all of the feelings arising in your heart. Love always finds a way

Oracle Card for the Week: Surrender Defensiveness

From the The Power of Surrender Cards, by Judith Orloff, MD

If you are feeling on edge this week, this is a sign to take extra care to ground your energy and support yourself. If you feel triggered by another person, it’s important to work through the feelings that are brought up, rather than jumping into defensiveness. Your strength is always in your peace. When you have fully supported yourself by aligning with peace, you will be able to respond to the person or situation with loving presence, instead of reacting with defensiveness.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

As the week begins, you are being called to ground your energy deeply into peace. Challenges and differing opinions may arise, and it’s important to remained aligned with Love at this time. Aligning with Love does not mean to spiritually bypass upset feelings; rather, it means giving yourself the presence and attention you need in order to fully process all of your feelings. When you have properly loved yourself, you will find that you are able to respond to any challenges with grace and tact. Conflict is something that arises occasionally in relationships, and it is always, in the end, about aligning with Love. Love will always win through any challenge.

The Divine Feminine Moves with Love

Divine Feminine, it’s time to make strides forward on your journey. If there have been guided action steps you need to take, taking action this week will bring you the peace and forward movement you’ve been seeking. While doing inner healing work is an essential part of your journey, making progress in this 3D reality involves taking physical action, having tough conversations, and doing the legwork to make your dreams come true.

When you release control of how Love desires to move through you, you call in limitless energy to accomplish your dreams. All of the Love that you give comes back to you many times over when you share yourself and your gifts with Love.

The Divine Masculine Expresses Himself

Divine Masculine, what are you waiting for? You may be feeling lately like you are unsure of what to do next, or where to focus. You may be looking around you for your dreams to come true, and not sure how it’s going to happen. The truth is, Divine Masculine, that your good has been within you, all this time. As you’ve been growing, healing, and resolving blocks within, you’ve been cultivating a beautiful bounty of joy that is waiting to burst forth, the moment you allow yourself to receive it.

Sharing yourself abundantly with the All supports your growth and expansion. It’s no longer acceptable to remain within your shell – it’s time to reach out and express yourself! Your heart knows what you wish to share, and you simply need to let it happen. You will be glad you did.

Look Beyond Illusion

Lots of energy is moving around this week, which can bring stress or anxiety if you aren’t choosing to stay fully present with yourself. In the midst of the chaos and upset, be sure to seek the truth. The truth is always there for you. Remember that ego speaks first and speaks loudly, but the truth does not need to be defended. It just is. Love is always there for you.