A Higher View

Twin Flame Energy Update: November 13 - 19, 2023

The Twin Flame collective is being called to embrace their journey with purpose and resolve in their heart. Each and every lesson you encounter and overcome on your journey is supporting you in manifesting your dreams. As you persist through your challenges with Love, you are one step closer to aligning with the loving vibration of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Oracle Card for the Week: A Higher Vie

From the Oracle of the 7 Energies, by Colette Baron-Reid

This week, you are being called to shift your focus toward a birds-eye view. The daily challenges you are working through are all leading you somewhere Divine, and if you remain focused only on the struggle and the challenge, you might miss the bigger picture. Don’t get lost in the weeds – there’s a bigger plan at hand, and when you persist in Love through the challenge before you, you will come out the other side strengthened, purified, and ready for the joy that lies ahead.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

The week begins with a reminder that it’s not your job to fix anyone; not even your beloved Twin Flame. No matter how discouraged you may feel by another person’s choices, in the end, everyone is responsible for their own healing and journey. It’s important to have compassion and Love unconditionally, without leaking your energy trying to fix the problems in another person’s reality. Bringing your focus back towards yourself allows you to make progress on your own journey. Your progress and expanding peace will be an inspiration to those who are choosing the same for themselves.

The Divine Feminine Chooses Complete Healing

Divine Feminine, don’t ever forget who you are. You are Divine, and you are meant for great and beautiful things. Each and every dream in your heart was planted there specifically by the Divine, with great purpose, and all are meant to be fulfilled in greater ways than you can imagine. When you hold onto fear and control, you prevent the natural flow of those dreams and desires into your reality, and create resistance. Facing your fears with compassion and surrendering to the deep cleansing energy of surrender will align you with Love once more.

If you’re feeling frustrated this week that your dreams, desires, and manifestations aren’t coming into fruition as quickly as you would like, take a moment to stop, feel your feelings, and allow that frustration to release. Feel into what is under this frustration – are you comparing yourself to others? Do you believe that this manifestation, once realized, will bring you something outside of yourself? Releasing this frustration and loving yourself fully will relax you back into the flow. You’re exactly where you need to be at this moment. Trust the Divine plan.

The Divine Masculine Lets Go of Drama

Divine Masculine, what stories are you telling yourself? Are you letting drama, whether it be yours or other people’s, get the best of you? When we allow ourselves to get swept up in stories and drama, we relinquish our power and lose sight of the truth of the situation. No matter how emotionally charged your specific situation is, and no matter what other people are saying or doing, grounding your energy and centering into peace will allow you to make the best decisions for the highest good.

Be mindful of your stress levels. Stress happens when we try to personally resolve our problems, instead of turning to the Divine. When you are relaxed and in alignment with Divine flow, you need only take guided, inspired, action to resolve any issue. If you find yourself tense with stress this week, have compassion for yourself. Allow yourself to feel and express your feelings completely until you feel peaceful again. Pay attention to yourself. Get in tune with your physical body. This, too, shall pass, and you’ll be all the more stronger for it.

Embrace your Path

Your soul’s path is perfect for you and for your spiritual growth. You are always safe and protected when you surrender to Love. As you face all of your challenges with Love and integrity, you will naturally find yourself supported by the Universe. Only the Divine knows the true purpose of every challenge you overcome, but in due time, the truth will be revealed.