Inner Exploration Brings Clarity

Twin Flame Energy Update: May 29 - June 4

Twin Flames are birthing an expansive new chapter, but first, we’re called inward to rest, contemplate, and get clear on our true desires and intentions.

Tarot Card for the Week: Four of Swords

From the Rider-Waite Tarot

This card points us to our need for meditation, rest, and inner contemplation. It’s time to rest, recharge, and collect ourselves before another wave of expansion moves through our lives. Wrapping up loose ends in your home, projects, or relationships clears your energy and relieves stress, allowing you to focus on your next steps with clarity and intention.

Astrological Transits this Week:

June 1st: Jupiter is conjunct to the North Node. Jupiter holds a consciousness of blessings and expansion, and as it makes a conjunction with the True North Node of the Moon, it’s supporting us making positive growth in the direction of our dreams. This is a great time to set intentions to connect with people who can support you in manifesting your goals.

June 3rd: Full Moon in Sagittarius. Full moons signify a completion or a culmination of that which was started at the New Moon. Think back to the New Moon in Sagittarius that took place on November 23, 2022 – what has transpired since then? This Full Moon is happening across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, which highlights the tension between our logical mind and our spirituality, intuition, and sense of adventure. What are you being called to express?

Twin Flame Collective Energies

We start off the week with an invitation to do some soul-searching. The Twin Flame journey is, after all, a journey of spiritual ascension. What brings you closer to your true, Divine self? This week will invite you to explore this more deeply.

The Divine Feminine Desires Authenticity

Over the past several weeks, the Divine Feminine has been called toward deeper emotional honesty with herself about the core blocks that hold her back from fulfilling her true potential. It’s no longer suitable to play a role or experience superficial connections. She is feeling a deep desire for true fulfillment, which starts within.

Standing in her truth supports her in releasing that which is not in alignment with her. As she liberates herself from the illusion of control, she is able to truly flow with the Divine. This makes her a magnet for that which was always meant for her.

The Divine Masculine Feels the Call to Create

The Divine Masculine has been returning home to himself, the past several weeks. This week, he is called particularly to pay close attention to his relationship with his body, and the physical experience of embodiment. His focus may be drawn to how he feels in his body and his physical environment. This inner exploration is paving the way for new expansion, as any contrast he experiences is supporting new, powerful choices in his life.

As he feels his feelings about his physical reality more deeply, he is being nurtured into making new, positive changes that support a new wave of expansion. His drive for t

Inner Clarity Brings Forth Abundance

By going within and contemplating our true feelings about ourselves this week, the Twin Flame collective is releasing old baggage and illusions and calling forth a new chapter of expansion, abundance, and greater alignment with Love Itself.