Connection Sparks Curiosity

This week we are experiencing new levels of Oneness within the collective. As we clear blocks to connection within our hearts, we are able to feel deeper feelings that take us on a thrilling adventure.

Tarot Card for the Week: Six of Cups

From the Rider-Waite Tarot

This card signifies joy and innocence. It can also speak to reminiscing about the past or joyful childhood memories. Be sure to have fun and enjoy the joy that life has to offer. Nurturing your heart through playful activities makes you magnetic to your Twin Flame.

Astrological Transits this Week:

Gemini season has begun. Gemini is an air sign that enjoys curiosity, communication, and intellectual pursuits. It’s a great time to network, explore a variety of interests, and socialize. This is a great time of year to pursue fun, joy, and lighthearted activities. You may be tempted to overbook your schedule – be sure to stay present with your heart and give yourself time to relax to ensure smooth communication in your relationships.

The Divine Feminine is Connecting to Herself More Deeply

This week, the Divine Feminine is exploring her connection to herself in new ways. Over the past several weeks, the Divine Feminine collective has been experiencing breakthroughs that have helped her to shift her perspective of herself, and her purpose. These new perspectives have helped her to establish a deeper connection with herself, and create a safe environment within herself to fully feel her feelings.

The more the Divine Feminine allows herself to feel the deep, buried feelings within, the stronger and more clear she feels in her connection to the Divine. This allows her to experience the truth of her connection to her beloved Twin Flame more clearly within her heart. 

The Divine Masculine is Claiming Clear Self-Expression

The Divine Masculine has been on a deep journey of self-discovery. This week, his attention is being drawn toward his third-eye chakra, as he allows himself to receive downloads and visions from the Divine. This is the insight he’s been asking for – he’s been working hard, but needs support with a clear vision to fully understand what he’s been working toward. Meditating, journaling, and simply being present with himself help him receive the clarity he desires.

Understanding the big picture of his life opens him up to a deeper connection with the Divine Feminine. Being open to his relationship with the Divine Feminine helps him get to know himself more clearly.

Curiosity Drives Expansion

By connecting with our true feelings, we’re unlocking a new level on our journey as a collective. This next level will support expansion, joy, and true romance as we allow ourselves to be driven from a desire to uncover the mysteries of Life.