Grace and Rebalancing in the In-Between

Twin Flames are in the midst of an epic transformation that is bringing forth a powerful new paradigm in consciousness.

The week begins with Pluto stationing retrograde in Aquarius on Monday, May 1st. Pluto is the planet that represents collective transformation. This transit encourages the collective to go within, bringing awareness to self-sabotaging patterns, and encouraging clarity through surrender. With Mercury in Retrograde in Taurus until May 14th, this is a perfect time to engage in self-care and deep contemplation.

We are finalizing our journey through the Eclipse Gateway, which we entered with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 20th. The past two weeks have been an opportunity to integrate the transformative energies from the Solar Eclipse through reflection and meditation. During this time, you may have experienced clarity and new awareness about what needs to be released in order to allow the expansion of the new energy we called in. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio this Friday, May 5th, will encourage a final release of old energy. We’ll experience these shifts maturing in our consciousness over the next 6 months.

This time can feel almost like moving through a void or a tunnel – we’re aware that we’re in the middle of a transformation, and we’re navigating the space by taking things one day at a time. We are being granted the grace to see what needs to be changed in our lives and release patterns, habits, and relationship dynamics that are out of alignment with us. These energetic changes are bringing about a rebalancing in our lives that allows us to focus more deeply on ourselves and on our Union. It’s important to be kind to yourself and to others this week as you navigate this intense energy and purging. Emotional honesty will serve you well as you engage in your inner work.

The Divine Feminine is moving through this period of transition by grounding more deeply into her body through root chakra healing. Your root chakra supports you in feeling safe in the physical world and reminds you to enjoy your physical body. Some ways in which the Divine Feminine might be guided to explore root chakra healing are by exercising, cleaning or organizing her home, releasing old clutter or belongings, enjoying nurturing self-care, or engaging with nature.

More deeply, the Divine Feminine is encouraged to engage in deeper presence with all of the various facets of her life. Pay attention to details at work, your finances, and your sense of focus. Take note of a tendency to use escapism to avoid feeling your feelings – this can help you feel more rooted in your body. Deepening your sense of safety in your body will support your self-expression by allowing you the freedom to express your true self. This has a powerful impact on your Twin Flame Union – your Twin Flame adores when you express yourself authentically.

The Divine Masculine is mirroring the Divine Feminine by going deeper into his presence and commitment with himself. He is being invited to release the energy of escapism in his life and truly devote his time and energy to the here and now. The Divine Masculine represents an energy of deep peace and presence, and as he makes a core choice to release distractions from his connection to himself, he is able to embody this energy more authentically, which is naturally magnetic to his Divine Feminine.

The week ends with a powerful release that prepares us for a beautiful new chapter. Committing to your inner work and engagement with yourself during this week will yield abundant shifts within your Twin Flame Union.