Answered Prayers

Twin Flame Energy Update: March 4 - March 10, 2024

An answer to the prayer within your heart is on the horizon for you this week. As you let yourself be very honest with how you really feel, and truly be present with the feelings that arise, the clarity you seek will come to you. It’s safe for you to ask for all of the support you need – when you make the choice in your heart to be fully supported, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the Universe moves to support you.

Oracle Card for the Week: Abundance

From Angel Answers Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

New waves of joy and abundance are coming into your vibration! You’re being gently guided this week to focus on all of the abundance you’re cultivating in your life. What you focus on grows! New opportunities may be arriving for you, in the form of more physical expansion, new opportunities, or growth in your current endeavors, that will help you expand your reality and step into a new level of inner and outer abundance.

Current Collective Energy: There’s No Need to Worry

There’s been something on your heart that has been weighing on you. Perhaps you’ve spent a great deal of energy mulling this over and thinking about how the situation can be properly resolved. As the week begins, the Divine is gently nudging you to release worries and trust more deeply. This situation is already handled – perhaps your heart knew this all along! Expending your energy on worry doesn’t help you; instead, direct your energy and focus toward what you can control. The more you work toward your goals in faith, the more power you will feel unfolding for you.

Current Challenge: Your Feelings Hold the Key

The collective is moving through a block toward feeling their feelings completely. What this really is at the core is a call toward deeper love, and deeper presence. The answers to the challenges you’re moving through lie in feeling your feelings completely. Don’t judge yourself for the feelings that are coming up. Don’t worry about the story that you’re telling yourself. Just let yourself feel. Give yourself space to cry it out, get mad, and express safely without judgement or pressure. You’ll find that as you fully let yourself express the feelings in your heart, even just to yourself in a safe space, that the energy lifts and you’ll be able to experience the peace and clarity that awaits you on the other side of these uncomfortable feelings.

How to Resolve this Challenge: Embrace your Community!

When you’re moving through a challenge, it’s important to remember that you aren’t alone! It’s safe for you to reach out for support. You’d be surprised how much support is available to you when you make the choice in your heart to be fully supported. The Divine desires to support you, but you have to choose it – your free will will always be respected. Where are you shutting out support? How can you make a new choice to let support in? You don’t need to climb this mountain on your own.

What Resolving this Challenge will Bring You: Life Lessons

Nothing that we experience is in vain – our spiritual journey is divinely guided in every way. As you resolve this challenge, be sure to pay attention to the growth that you’re receiving in the process. When we call in growth, a natural result of that growth is challenges. These challenges are the gateway toward your success – as you overcome them, the wisdom that you gain is exactly what you need to align with the next-level version of you.

What you’re calling in: The Divine has your Back

At the end of the day, the goal of a spiritual journey is to come closer to the Divine. As you overcome the challenges in your reality, you’re building confidence in your relationship with the Universe. You never need to figure anything out on your own – when you surrender to God’s plan, you are naturally aligning to the natural flow of Love. You are completely loved and divinely guided in every way. It’s safe to relax into Love.

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