Clarity and Rebalancing

Twin Flame Energy Update: June 12 - 18, 2023

The Twin Flame collective is calling in new awareness that brings deeper clarity and understanding to the flow and purpose of our Twin Flame Journey. This heightened understanding allows us to rebalance the flow in our life in a more supportive and expansive way.

Tarot Card for the Week: Queen of Pentacles

From the Rider-Waite Tarot

The Queen of Pentacles represents a loving, nurturing energy loaded with material stability and prosperity. This card points to an energy of achieving a new level of stability in your life, particularly with striking a balance between your work and home life. There is truly no separation between your Twin Flame journey and your Life Purpose journey; as you nurture one, you are also nurturing the other. It’s safe to surrender to the Divine flow in your life.

Astrological Transits this Week:

June 17th: Saturn Retrograde Saturn will be retrograde in Pisces until November 4th. This is a time to prioritize care and compassion toward yourself, and listen to your intuition. Your intuition is your connection to the Divine – it’s safe to pay attention to and examine your gut feelings.

June 18th: New Moon in Gemini: This New Moon is the perfect time to set new intentions to heal communication blocks within your Twin Flame Union over the next 6 months.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

We start the week with an invitation to look at the bigger picture of where our Twin Flame journey is headed. As we work through the day to day challenges on our journey, it can be easy to forget where we’re going. Rest assured, that the Divine has a perfect plan for you and your Twin Flame. This week, you may receive glimpses of that plan that bring clarity and inspire you to keep going.

The Divine Feminine is Claiming Balance

The Divine Feminine is working through a challenge of balancing her dreams and aspirations with her desire for loving relationships. She is challenging the belief that she must sacrifice one part of her life to succeed in another, and learning how to strike a proper balance with the Divine.

As the Divine Feminine clears through these fears and hesitations keeping her stuck, she is able to take a grounded, peaceful approach toward making her dreams come true. It’s safe to become who you were created to be. Your power comes from your connection to Love

The Divine Masculine Undergoes a Transformation

The Divine Masculine has been experiencing big shifts in his reality as he makes a choice to live a life that is more in alignment with his true self. Transformation in our lives begins within, first, and the past several weeks of healing deep inner wounds are beginning to yield signs of change and transformation in his physical reality.

Sometimes, positive change can begin in ways we don’t expect. The Divine Masculine is reminded to release control and relax into the changes that are happening in his reality. Everything is working out for his highest good, with positive change and healing for all involved.

A New Reality

We conclude the week with a new understanding of ourselves and our purpose, which allows us to reorganize our priorities accordingly. This shift is instrumental in allowing us to make a clear and grounded decision within our hearts to claim our Harmonious Twin Flame Union deeper.