Shining Bright

Twin Flame Energy Update: July 31 - Aug 5, 2023

A bright new dawn is officially here, and Twin Flames are being called to shine brightly. You are safe in standing up for True Love and sharing your gifts with others. Sharing in Love with the All blesses your life in countless ways.

Tarot Card for the Week: The Sun

From the Rider-Waite Tarot

After a great deal of hard work, Twin Flames are receiving a much-needed boost of positivity, joy, and optimism this week. The Sun card in the Tarot represents optimism, opportunity, and vitality. It’s safe to bask in this glow and enjoy this positive new energy as a new chapter on your journey begins to unfold.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

The week begins with an invitation to release control and trust. The challenges you’re currently facing on your Twin Flame journey will be resolved through your choice to open up to Divine support, healing, and miracles. Releasing attachment to results does not mean giving up or no longer caring – it means trusting that you and all involved are deeply loved and supported, and when you release control to the Divine, you are allowing everything to unfold for the good of all.

The Divine Feminine Heals her Inner Child

This week, the Divine Feminine is being invited to share her gifts with the All. This could be happening either through new opportunities, or through opportunities to share herself and her gifts in deeper ways than before. These opportunities may come through her Union, Life Purpose, close relationships, or all of the above.

Sharing the Love in her heart with others will require her to open her heart to emotional honesty and vulnerability. This may bring forth upsets and insecurities from her past or her childhood. It’s safe to feel the feelings that arise, as they are coming up to be cleared once and for all

The Divine Masculine Cultivates Success

The Divine Masculine has been feeling reborn and infused with new strength and vitality. This rebirth comes as the result of many weeks of focused inner healing and transformation. He is feeling alive with purpose and ready to bring forth the next level of his life and his journey.

In welcoming the next level on his journey, he will be faced with old patterns of self-sabotage and challenges in giving and receiving Love in his life. As he chooses to be fully present with the feelings that are arising and give himself abundant patience and compassion, he will see the challenges through successfully.

Stepping Forth Boldly

The Twin Flame collective is ready to shine in bright new ways and share their gifts like never before. It’s safe to be seen and to stand up for what you truly believe in. You are on the Twin Flame path at this time for a reason – it’s safe to be a leader in consciousness. Shining your light gives others permission to do the same.