Balance Brings Joy

New opportunities for growth and expansion bring forth a call for deeper balance within the Twin Flame collective. Allowing yourself to feel your feelings fully brings clarity and insight that deepens your peace and welcomes new levels of joy into your life.

Tarot Card for the Week: The Fool

From the Rider-Waite Tarot

The Fool is a card of new beginnings. You may be starting a fresh chapter on your Twin Flame journey, or be presented with new opportunities for growth and expansion. It’s important to stay balanced and grounded as you approach this new energy. When you choose Love, you cannot fail!

Twin Flame Collective Energies

This week begins with a greater opportunity for balance and grounding within your Union. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are being given opportunities to realign in Love and rebalance their Union. This shift in energy helps them go even deeper into Love, and brings forth new opportunities for abundance.

The Divine Feminine Chooses Love

Over the past few months, the Divine Feminine has been undergoing a transformation that has required her to focus more closely on herself and her true desires. This week, she may be presented with more information that brings her more clarity about her desires and her focus.

The more she allows herself to be honest with herself about the feelings within her heart, the easier it becomes for her to relax into peace. She is ready to unlock new levels of peace as she feels her feelings fully.

The Divine Masculine Unlocks New Focus

This week, the Divine Masculine has the opportunity to delve more deeply into his Life Purpose. His inner work in the past few weeks has brought forth deeper clarity as to who he truly is inside and what truly brings him joy. He is feeling renewed and refreshed in his purpose, and ready to call in his next level.

As he allows himself to feel deeper levels of joy, his purpose and abundance flows. He is learning that joy is what allows him to drive forward, and opens the door for deeper passion in his life.

Receiving Divine Guidance

As both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine collectives respectively gain deeper clarity and allow themselves to bask in deeper joy, their connection to the Divine expands. Your connection to the Divine is what brings forth all of the blessings within your heart. Trust that you are worthy of all of your good, and open your heart to receive what is truly yours.