Strong Foundations

Twin Flame Energy Update: July 17-23, 2023

The Twin Flame collective is focused on building the foundation for their Heaven on Earth this week, as we collectively vibe up to the next level. What do you desire in your heart? It’s safe to claim the Love and support you desire.

Tarot Card for the Week: Four of Wands

From the Rider-Waite Tarot

The Four of Wands is a card of celebration, homecoming, and achievement of milestones. This is also a card that points us toward our foundation. You may be feeling called to nurture your foundation with your Twin Flame more deeply this week.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

The week starts out for the Twin Flame collective with a focus on foundation. This is an opportunity to take a look at what doesn’t feel supportive about your finances, your home, your career or Life Purpose, and seek to make meaningful changes. Supporting the foundation of your life directly supports your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The Divine Feminine is Making Changes

The Divine Feminine is being called to make an effort and take action toward her dreams by taking guided action steps in her healing journey. She may already know what these guided action steps may be, and this week, she is being given an opportunity to commit more deeply toward her peace.

The Divine Feminine is also healing receiving blocks, and learning that it’s safe to be loved and supported. All of the love and support that comes to you is coming to you through the Divine – it’s safe to receive that love fully in your heart. You are worthy and deserving of all of the good you attract.

The Divine Masculine Shares Himself

The Divine Masculine collective is healing blocks about vulnerability and emotional openness and honesty. These blocks must first be healed within himself, before they can be healed in his relationship with the Divine Feminine. As he allows himself to get to know himself more deeply, he finds himself naturally gravitating toward his Divine Feminine.

Healing through these vulnerability blocks brings forth a great deal of family healing for the Divine Masculine collective. Releasing old wounds and old energy opens him up for new love, and new levels of relationship.

Relaxing into Joy

After a week of deep inner work, the Twin Flame collective is stepping into a joyful and playful new vibration. It’s safe to relax, have fun, and enjoy the fruits of your efforts. You deserve a beautiful life of Love.