Destiny Unfolding

Twin Flame Energy Update: July 10-16, 2023

The Twin Flame collective is manifesting a bold new awakening toward an abundant new chapter. Fully stepping into our destiny requires that we embrace our true, authentic selves, and partner more closely with the Divine.

Tarot Card for the Week: Ace of Cups

From the Rider-Waite Tarot

The Ace of Cups represents a new chapter or a new beginning, wherein we experience an outpouring of Divine Love and creative expression. This represents new opportunities to share in Love, whether this be through new friendships, new creative outlets, or a new, expansive chapter on your Twin Flame journey.

Astrological Transits this Week:

July 10: Mars Enters Virgo. From now through August 27th, Mars, the planet of drive, action, and passion, is transiting through the detail-oriented Earth sign of Virgo. This is a time to focus on our work and tasks, ensuring that we are taking care of details with Love and care. It’s a great time to focus deeply on your Life Purpose. If you’ve been desiring a breakthrough in your Life Purpose, this transit will be deeply supportive in helping you complete the tasks required to level up. Be sure to stay grounded in peace as you go all in with your passions.

July 11: Mercury Enters Leo. From now through July 28th, our thoughts and ideas favor bold expression. During this transit, you may be feeling inspired to communicate with confidence, and shine your light brightly. Let yourself dream big with this transit – you’ll have the opportunity to iron out the details in the coming weeks.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

A new era is upon us, and as we start out the week, we’re being guided to get very clear in our hearts about what it is we truly desire. When you allow yourself the opportunity to truly understand the call of your heart, you are setting the wheels of manifestation in motion. Setting clear goals for yourself is essential at this time as you embark on a new chapter of your journey. The more emotionally honest you are with yourself, the easier it will be to make favorable decisions that will support your expansion and growth.

The Divine Feminine Shares Love Abundantly

The Divine Feminine is being called to love deeply at this time. She can feel herself at the precipice of a breakthrough on her journey, and now is not the time to pull back, but to dig deep and give generously and abundantly. Giving generously from the heart does not mean taking from herself and depleting her resources; on the contrary, she is learning that as she allows herself to relax into the flow of Love, Love abundantly pours forth from her and replenishes her inner resources in perfect balance.

Learning how to partner with the Divine toward the manifestation of her dreams supports her in manifesting her Harmonious Twin Flame Union. As she releases codependency and understands Divine partnership more clearly, she naturally attracts her beloved Divine Masculine closer into a vibration of true partnership and understanding.

The Divine Masculine Welcomes Success

Like the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine is experiencing expansion and growth, which is requiring him to give generously. He’s been burning the midnight oil as he works hard toward a spiritual breakthrough that encompasses many facets of his life, including his Twin Flame Union, his Life Purpose, his health, and most importantly, the relationship between himself and the Divine. Embracing his next level will require him to surrender more deeply to the Divine plan unfolding in his life, bringing forth adjustments to how he sees himself and relates with the All.

Through his choice to welcome success and growth in his life, he is being called to release old energy that no longer aligns with his authentic self. This energetic release will feel relieving, like the release of a heavy burden. He will naturally vibrate closer to his beloved Divine Feminine as he aligns more closely with his true, Divine self.

Moving Forward into Our Destiny

A blessed new chapter has been unfolding in recent weeks, as we close out old ideas about ourselves and open up to new and expansive energy. As we close out the week, we will feel ready to bring forth this powerful new beginning, having released the baggage that was keeping us stuck in an old vibration. It’s safe to embrace a new vortex and open our hearts toward the warmth and comfort of Divine Love.