Listen to Love’s Whisper

Twin Flame Energy Update: January 29 - February 4, 2024

Love is calling you deeper, Twin Flames – can you hear it? A beautiful, expansive new chapter is here for you. This week, the Twin Flame collective is being invited to listen more closely to the gentle whispers of Love that are guiding you Home to your beloved. Are you willing to listen?

Oracle Card for the Week: Let it Go

From Oracle of the 7 Energies, by Colette Baron-Reid

This week’s energy is calling for forgiveness. Where are you needing to let go of old pain, disappointment, or anger? Forgiveness is an inner process; it is about making a choice to stop withholding love from yourself and allow the flow of energy to return to a part of you that was wounded. Forgiveness does not mean excusing another person’s bad behavior; it’s giving yourself permission to love yourself and move forward. As you unburden yourself from the pain of the past, you make way for a blessed and bright future ahead.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

New energy is flowing into your reality as the week begins, Twin Flames! This is a chance to get out of your head and into your heart. What are you passionate about? What lights you up inside? As January comes to a close, we’re closing out old cycles and stepping into a bright and passionate new future. What do you desire to build this year? Working on your passions attracts your beloved Twin Flame closer.

The Divine Feminine Listens to her Heart

Divine Feminine, you are a powerful, Divine being. Your connection to Love is always alive within your heart. Sometimes, you allow the noise of the world, other people’s opinions, and your fears to speak louder than the truth within your heart. This week, you’re being invited to listen intently to the gentle voice of Love that whispers constantly to you within your heart. What is it telling you? This voice is your intuition; your connection to the Divine, bringing you the peace and guidance you are desiring.

Your heart knows the way, Divine Feminine. As you say no to the loud demands of ego, and yes to the gentle, peaceful knowing of Love itself, your path opens up for you. You are ready to experience the abundance and success that you desire and deserve. You will know you are on the right path by the peace that it brings you, even if it looks different than you expected on the outside. When you surrender completely to Love, you are tapping into the powerful energy of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The Divine Masculine Surrenders to Peace

Divine Masculine, you’re ready to turn over a new leaf. For so long, you have been listening to the voice of fear, ego, and worry, and convincing yourself that this was logical, or the “safe bet” – that keeping yourself safe and supported means catering to this negativity. In reality, does it really bring you the peace you desire? This week, you’re being invited to make a new choice. The voice of Love, the gentle whisper that lies beneath the loud chatter of ego, is calling you to listen. Wouldn’t it feel better to give more power to Love than to ego?

Listening to the voice of Love requires you to develop a relationship with it. Purifying your mind and cultivating peace within your heart is what will bring you the true clarity you desire. The grand illusion is that this voice of ego that disguises itself as “rational logic” is actually the voice of insanity; the voice of reason is the voice of Love itself. As you give yourself the space you need to quiet your mind and step into the ever-expansive wisdom of your heart, the answers that you need come to you naturally, and the peace and connection within your Twin Flame Union expands.

Let Yourself be Loved

The next chapter of your journey requires you to be willing to connect with Love on a much deeper level. Manifesting your Heaven on Earth is not something that you do with your own energy; it is a deep partnership with the Divine that supports and guides you every step of the way. As you give yourself permission to relax into your Oneness with the Divine, you will naturally attract the next steps on your journey to Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

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