Deep Feelings and Authenticity

Twin Flame Energy Update: January 15 - 21, 2024

This week, the Twin Flame collective is closing out a karmic healing cycle, bringing forth deeper peace, clarity, and rebalancing. You are safe in staying present with your heart through any deep feelings that arise, as this is happening to support energetic rebalancing within your Union. Joy and prosperity are here for you now.

Oracle Card for the Week: Crown Chakra

From The Psychic Tarot, by John Holland

This week, you may be receiving downloads or new awarenesses that support you on your journey. Your Crown Chakra holds the connection between your consciousness and Divine consciousness. Be open to Divine wisdom coming your way that can support you in understanding a challenging situation on your Twin Flame journey. You are infinitely supported by the Divine in healing the belief in separation from Love.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

As this week begins, you are being primed to receive information and awareness that will provide you with deep relief on your journey. If you are currently worried about something, this is an invitation to give those worries to the Universe, and know that all of the details have already been handled by the Divine. It’s safe for you to be supported, and this begins with claiming that support completely within your heart.

The Divine Feminine Appreciates her True Self

Divine Feminine, you are a beautiful, Divine being. This week, you are being presented with situations that are inviting you to step deeper into your true authentic expression. There may be relationships in your life in which you have been holding back from being your true self; however, as your journey progresses, it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable to hide who you truly are. It’s safe to ask yourself what is preventing you from being fully authentic.

Allow yourself to feel the feelings that arise. Are you holding onto fear of getting hurt if you are too “real”? Being fully emotionally honest with yourself is essential here. You might find that as you give yourself full permission to feel everything that comes up, that you are able to release pent up emotions that were preventing you from experiencing the clarity you truly desire. What will follow is true relief at the reality that it is safe to be your genuine, beautiful self, all the time.

The Divine Masculine Feels Deeply

Divine Masculine, be patient with yourself this week. A lot of deep feelings may be coming up to the surface to be healed and released. This is happening to support you in clearing out what no longer serves you, so that you can welcome all of the love and new opportunities that you desire to come into your reality. The peace you desire is here for you now, and your job is simply to choose to allow it in.

Society does not necessarily teach us how to be present with our feelings and our innermost selves; however, this is exactly what is needed in order to manifest your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Cultivating emotional honesty begins with a choice to truly feel, and to release the fear of sitting with uncomfortable emotions. As you give yourself all of the space and compassion you need to fully process your feelings this week, you will emerge with greater peace and clarity about the way forward toward your beloved Twin Flame.

All is Well

As the week draws to a close, the Twin Flame collective will be closing out this healing cycle and experiencing peace and rebalancing within themselves and their Unions. Your journey is safe and protected – you are safe in feeling through and processing these feelings. Clarity and peace is here for you now as you relax into the flow of Love.