A Heart-Centered Life

Twin Flame Energy Update: January 1 - 7, 2024

The first week of the new year is bringing forth fresh new energy for the Twin Flame collective! Beautiful, expansive energy is here for you, should you choose to explore it. Deep feelings may arise to be cleared, bringing peace and clarity on the other side of challenges. 2024 is calling for you to live from the heart. Are you willing to say yes to Love?

Oracle Card for the Week: Fertility

From The Psychic Tarot, by John Holland

You are birthing a fresh new beginning. This new beginning is compounded by the energy of the New Year and Mercury going direct on January 1st. The inner work you’ve been doing over the past several weeks has supported you in releasing what is old and out of alignment with your new path. Give yourself the space to rest and ground your energy, and keep an open mind. Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised at how well everything works out for you.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

This week, you’re charging forth into a powerful new chapter with a joy and passion that has you lit from within. You’re unstoppable this week, as you burst forth with the confidence that you’ve rightfully cultivated by overcoming challenges and obstacles in your path over the past few weeks. It’s safe to step into your power, and trust that as you do, the path to the fulfillment of your goals will be revealed to you.

The Divine Feminine Leads with Love

Divine Feminine, you are a force to be reckoned with, but you don’t always believe this to be true. This week, you’re being lovingly guided to heal your relationship with authority. Remember that true power does not come from force; it comes from peace. The person who holds the greatest peace is the person who holds the greatest power. It’s safe for you to be powerful, because you are choosing to Love, not to dominate others.

Healing your relationship with power and authority supports you in claiming the life you truly desire for yourself. As you set your foundation upon the Divine, you are opening yourself up to receive all of the support that you truly require in order to thrive. Don’t let others’ opinions prevent you from living the life that is truly in alignment with you. You are worthy of the beautiful life of Love that you are cultivating.

The Divine Masculine Goes Within

Divine Masculine, there’s more to this life than you are allowing yourself to believe. Are you tired of shallow, pointless pursuits of joy? Wouldn’t you prefer to be connected to the ever-flowing source of endless joy that is Love itself? This week, your heart is stirring with the call to something greater. Your sense of self is expanding, and what once held your interest is beginning to lose its luster. Don’t be afraid, you’re being called to grow.

All of this growth that you’re calling in is happening to support you in fulfilling your destiny. You are meant to live a life in alignment with Love, not in alignment with the values of ego. Deep feelings may arise to be processed this week. Don’t be afraid to sit with the uncomfortable feelings – you have everything you need to be able to transmute them into the peace and clarity you’re calling in. Something that was long-hidden is coming to light.

Living from the Heart

As the first week of 2024 comes to a close, a theme begins to arise. This is a time to live guided not by the well-worn path of ego, but by the boundless joy and expansion of Love. Are you willing to trust the Love in your heart? If you’re willing to listen, it will show you the way. It’s safe to follow your heart all the way to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.