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Twin Flame Energy Update: February 26 - March 3, 2024

This week, you’re being called to surrender control. While surrendering control may seem intimidating, you’ll find that once you truly do choose to let go, you’re set free. Letting go doesn’t mean giving up on your desires – it’s actually quite the opposite – it means trusting that your desires are already handled. When you let go of distractions and choose to truly listen to what your life is showing to you, you’ll be able to focus your energy on what’s most important and make huge strides towards your most treasured goals.

Oracle Card for the Week: Outrageous Openness

From Divine Abundance Oracle Cards, by Tosha Silve

You can trust that the Divine has a plan for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Your part in this is choosing to align with it. This week, you’re being given the opportunity to let go of fear that is keeping you attached to a specific outcome. If you have a desire in your heart, it’s because it was meant to be made manifest. There is no need to control – when you surrender to the natural flow, you will naturally align to what is truly meant for you.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

A message from your Twin Flame is wanting to come through to you as the week begins. Are you choosing to listen? When we are truly listening, we are choosing to attune to what is being said and being present with the energy being conveyed. Many times, people listen only to what they want to hear, or listen so that they can have the chance to speak again. The Divine speaks to you through your entire reality. It’s important to listen to what your Twin Flame is communicating to you, even in the silence. Being present with what is actually being communicated and choosing to truly receive the message will support you in healing the communication blocks that you’re experiencing between you and your beloved.

The Divine Feminine Supports Herself in Diving Deep

Divine Feminine, for the past few weeks, you’ve been experiencing a transformation in your physical reality. After a great deal of inner work the past few months, you’re being guided to bring your focus to your relationship with your outer, physical reality. You’ve likely felt drawn to make changes to your relationship with your body, engaging in a different exercise routine, trying new foods, getting better sleep, or engaging in more self care and nurturing. Or maybe your relationships need some tender loving care, after spending so much time on your own, cocooned in your safe place, healing. Whatever it is that needs attention in your physical reality, be sure to give it your loving presence and nurturing.

There is no separation between the physical and the spiritual. Supporting your physical reality helps you ground your energy and bring your manifestations to life. Most importantly, taking these steps will support you in healing your relationship with yourself, which directly supports the health of your Union. The deeper support you’re cultivating in your physical reality supports you in going even deeper with your inner work. You might be feeling like there is something in your life that never quite seems to improve, and this week, you’re ready to truly dive deep into your heart to resolve this challenge at the core. Be compassionate with yourself, but stay persistent in feeling your feelings. When you give this challenge your loving presence, you are sure to experience the healing and liberation on the other side of it.

The Divine Masculine Faces his Fears

Divine Masculine, you’ve been working for quite some time on healing distractions and developing a sense of focus on your journey. This week, you’re getting the opportunity to go a big deeper in your healing and understand why you’ve been so distracted. Usually when we’re distracted, there’s a reason – there’s a reason that you haven’t been able to be fully grounded and present in your body, and it’s quite often a desire to avoid some uncomfortable feelings. The greatest gift you can give to yourself is a choice to be fully present with these uncomfortable feelings, so that you can transmute them into peace. When you finally choose to shine a light on the discomfort, you’ll find a part of you that simply needs your love and attention.

When you choose to truly feel these uncomfortable feelings and heal your heart, you’ll find that you gain a lot of your energy back. You’d be surprised how much of our energy gets leaked away into fear, but it’s definitely noticeable when you heal it. If you choose to face your fears and heal them, you’ll find yourself with a new spring in your step that helps you genuinely focus on manifesting the next level of your life, and a much deeper level of closeness with your Divine Feminine. You’re ready to burst forth into a powerful new reality on your journey. Do you claim it?

Your Presence is Required

Choosing to face your fears and clear the uncomfortable emotional energy in your heart helps you bring greater attention and presence to your physical reality. It’s not enough to spend time daydreaming about what you desire – if you really want to experience your good, you need to put in the work and co-create it with the Divine. You’re completely supported in manifesting the life that you desire. Are you willing to do what it takes to make your dreams come true?

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