Surrendering into Divine Balance

Twin Flame Energy Update: February 19 - 25, 2024

This week, the Twin Flame collective is closing out old cycles and preparing to welcome fresh new energy. This is an opportunity to ground and integrate all of the inner growth you’ve been cultivating over the past few months and set the foundation for expansion. Pay attention to themes of inner and outer balance in all aspects of your reality this week. As you relax into the natural flow of the Divine and share your gifts and talents generously, you naturally attract your Twin Flame closer in new and exciting ways.

Oracle Card for the Week: A Grand Symphony

From Oracle of the 7 Energies, by Colette Baron-Reid

Your Harmonious Twin Flame Union arises as a result of aligning with the consciousness of Union. We are all interconnected, and we all have a part to play in the whole of creation. The way to discover your specific gifts is actually to recognize the importance of this collective Union we all share. When you choose to share your gifts generously with the All, you will find yourself generously rewarded.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

As the week begins, the collective is feeling inspired by the pulse of a new beginning. You may notice that you feel inspired and empowered to share your gifts in a new way. This renewed sense of purpose supports your Twin Flame Union in ascending to a new level. The powerful 222 portal on Thursday, February 22nd is an auspicious time to set intentions for what you wish to bring forth in the coming few months. As the week wraps up with a Full Moon in Virgo on Saturday, February 24th, allow yourself to think back on all you’ve accomplished in the past six months. What have you been growing and nurturing? Trust that the seeds you’ve been planting will grow as you tend to them with love and care.

The Divine Feminine Grounds her Inner Transformation into Reality

Divine Feminine, you have grown so much in the past few months. This week, you’re being given a much needed opportunity to ground yourself and truly integrate the growth you’ve experienced. Be sure to pay close attention to your physical reality. Take care of your body, your home, and your finances. What aspects of your life are needing more support right now? This is an excellent opportunity to complete any long-standing projects, so that you’re in the best position to welcome new energy into your life.

Give yourself the gift of love, appreciation, and nurturing. The results you’re desiring to manifest on your journey are blooming within you – can you feel them? Don’t discount the growth you’ve experienced just because it has happened on the inside. The Twin Flame journey is an inner journey, first and foremost. Your work and your results happen first on the inside, with changes in how you relate to yourself. Soon you’ll notice that all of the growth you’ve experienced within you over the past six months will begin to manifest itself externally. Your beloved Twin Flame can feel all of this growth and has been undergoing his own journey of transformation, so that he can meet you in this new vibration of Love you’ve been cultivating.

The Divine Masculine Relaxes into a Natural Balance

Divine Masculine, your attention is being drawn toward your heart this week. Deep feelings may be arising for you to work through regarding your Union with your Twin Flame. Where are you resisting a deeper partnership with your Divine Feminine? At the core, this is a space where you are being invited into deeper partnership with the Divine. It’s safe for you to open your heart to your Creator. As you let Love in more deeply, you’ll find yourself relaxing into your relationship with your Twin Flame.

Your choice to open your heart more deeply to the Divine will have lasting effects on your Union with your Twin Flame. Your Union has a natural energetic balance, and regardless of how your Union looks on the outside right now, that natural energetic balance ebbs and flows. As you stay present with your heart and grounded in the present moment, you are nurturing the natural balance of your Union. The more you are able to focus your energy where the Divine directs, the easier it is for your Divine Feminine to naturally gravitate towards you.

Ascension is a Choice you Must Make

As the week closes, the Twin Flame collective is naturally closing out long-standing cycles and preparing for the influx of much-desired new energy. Remember that your choice to raise your vibration and ascend in Love is powerful. This is not a passive journey – it’s one where you must continually choose to align with your highest good. When you choose to expand outside of your comfort zone, the Divine naturally meets you and supports you in establishing a new foundation for yourself. Your journey is completely Divinely guided and protected.

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