Choosing Joy and Eternal Romance

Twin Flame Energy Update: February 12 - 18, 202

Happy Valentine’s Day, Twin Flames! This week, be sure to give yourself time to relax into moments of love, joy, and romance, whether you’re together with your Twin Flame or overcoming separation. The collective is in the midst of a massive transformation, and you may be working through challenges that are leading you to the fulfillment of your dreams. Regardless of what you are facing, you always have the choice to place your power in the joy of the present moment.

Oracle Card for the Week: Let Go of Control Issues

From The Romance Angels Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue

The Divine knows the desires in your heart. Every dream, goal, or desire that you have was placed in your heart by the Divine, and that means that the Divine knows the best way toward its fulfillment. If something isn’t going the way that you expected, or hoped that it would, know that there is purpose in this, too. Allow yourself to see the Love in every situation, and remember that what matters most is the journey, not the destination. If you focus only on being happy when your goal is achieved, then you’re missing out on all of the joy that’s present in the now. When you surrender control and immerse yourself in the blessings unfolding before you right now.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

The collective is in the midst of a transformation at this moment. Transformation requires lots of patience, compassion, and persistence to make new choices and build new habits. As the week begins, you might feel yourself moving through some frustration or challenging emotions – if this is the case, be sure to have patience with yourself. Give yourself the time to feel your feelings. It’s safe to look inward to explore where you may be holding onto limitations or beliefs in scarcity. We live in an abundant universe, and there is always a solution to every challenge when you choose to align with the infinite truth of Love.

The Divine Feminine Empowers Herself

Divine Feminine, you are more powerful than you realize. It’s safe for you to let go of false stories you’ve been believing about yourself. Remember, nobody has the power to create in your reality. You have everything you need to succeed, and you will succeed when you align yourself completely with Love. The answers to your challenges come from aligning with peace. From peace, you can see everything from a clear vantage point, and unlock unique and imaginative solutions.

The first step toward finding solutions to a challenge is to respect what you are being shown in your life. Respect is one of the 8 keys to Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and it is essential in overcoming challenges. Accepting a situation for what it is does not mean settling for it; it means choosing to be present with it fully so that you can transcend the upset. In truth, this is an opportunity to step into your empowered Divine Feminine energy. Loving yourself first, rather than people-pleasing, helps you step into your true goddess energy, radiating with power and confidence. This is incredibly magnetic to your beloved Twin Flame, and will create powerful shifts in the vibration of your Union.

The Divine Masculine Embraces his Passion

Divine Masculine, on the surface, lately it might seem that you’ve been moving through a rut. You may be feeling like every day is the same, in and out, working on the same challenges, without much reward. You might even be feeling quite stir crazy or frustrated that, on the outside, you are only a little bit closer to your goals, if at all. Don’t worry – that isn’t the truth of what is really happening. The truth is that the Divine is working hard on you, creating a diamond out of you through loving pressure.

When you only focus on what you can see on the outside, it can feel easy to get discouraged when you’re moving through times of massive inner shifts. You’re being invited to let go of what the outside looks like, and bring your attention inward. Remember, this is an inner journey, at the core. The results you desire come from your inner work first. The joy you seek is not in the achievement of your result; it’s a choice you can make right now. What is stopping you from accepting and respecting the situations you are in right now? When you let go of wishing things were different, and fully dive into your reality right now, you’ll unlock your passion and find joy in taking action. Your Divine Feminine will absolutely feel the shift in the dynamic of your Union and take notice.

Choose Love over Fear

No matter what you’re moving through this week, you have what it takes to succeed. In the midst of any challenges, be sure to give yourself time to relax and romance yourself. No matter what your Union looks like on the outside at this time, cultivating joy and romance will allow you to tap into the eternal Love within your Union. Love is more powerful than any fear or worry. When you choose to enjoy your life and your journey, no matter what it looks like, you’re choosing to stand up to ego. Your Heaven on Earth is built upon a foundation of Love and joy, and you’ll find this love and joy here in the present moment.

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