Your Dreams are Calling

Twin Flame Energy Update: December 4 - 10, 2023

Twin Flames, you’re invited to step into deeper confidence in the power of your dreams this week. Let go of doubt, relax into your truth, and listen to the call of your heart. When you take inspired action toward your goals, you’re communicating to the Universe that you truly desire to manifest the dreams within your heart.

Oracle Card for the Week: This Could Be the One

From The Romance Angels, by Doreen Virtue

You and your Twin Flame have known each other for all of eternity. You will recognize your Twin Flame by the familiarity, ease, and peace you feel within your connection. The more you get to know yourself, the more easily you will recognize your true Twin Flame. This week, you are being guided to relax, knowing that you don’t need to look outside of yourself for Love. Relaxing into the peace and familiarity that lives at the core of your Union will bring you the comfort you desire.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

As the week begins, you may begin to become aware of a stirring within your heart. A call is being borne within you that is inviting you to answer. Give yourself time to be present with it, and listen. Allow deep feelings to arise and be patient and compassionate with yourself as you listen intently to your heart. More is happening than what meets the eye.

The Divine Feminine Takes Initiative

Divine Feminine, you don’t need to sit back and wait for your good to come to you. Your dreams are calling for you to take initiative and claim them fully. What is it that your heart is calling for you to do? Don’t hesitate – take the first step with confidence. Your dreams are not something that will passively arrive at your doorstep; you must claim them and follow the inspired action steps to manifest them into reality.

You don’t need to wait for your Divine Masculine to be next to you in order to begin cultivating the life you desire. Twin Flames make the same core choices, and when you choose yourself fully, you are choosing your Harmonious Union. Your choice is enough to begin moving in a positive new direction. As you nurture your dreams right now in this present moment, a new reality begins to bloom.

The Divine Masculine Believes in Love

Divine Masculine, are you wondering where your Divine Feminine is? Well, the truth is, she is right here with you, just as she has always been. All of the Love you’ve been seeking can be found within your own heart. The more you choose to be present with yourself, the more you begin nurturing and growing the Love within your Union. Feeling your feelings fully and giving yourself the attention, patience, and compassion you need helps you stay grounded in the vibration of your Divine Union.

You have everything you need to manifest all of your dreams. When you bring your focus away from the external and back towards your heart, you will feel your confidence grow. The desires in your heart are meant to come true. Surrender the “how” and the “when” to the Divine, and take steps forward in peace and confidence.

Stepping Forward Boldly

As we wrap up the week, a shift is taking place. The confidence you’ve been nurturing within is leading you toward a higher vibrational state of being. Don’t allow the past to hold you back – the Universe is communicating to you that you are capable of achieving all of the dreams within your heart. Claim them boldly, don’t be afraid to take action, and allow the Divine to surprise you with how easy and peaceful it can really be.