Revealing The New You

Twin Flame Energy Update: December 25-31, 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Twin Flames! This week, the Twin Flame collective is stepping boldly forward into a new chapter. After weeks of healing, grounding, and release, the whispers of a new beginning can be heard and felt. Don’t be afraid to claim your dreams completely within your heart – you are capable of whatever it is you desire to become. You are Divine.

Oracle Card for the Week: Love Begins

From The Psychic Tarot, by John Holland

A beautiful new chapter of peace and prosperity is beginning on your Twin Flame journey. You may have been feeling this coming for some time. Things are shifting and changing for the better. Your peace is expanding. It’s safe for you to trust this peace that you are feeling, because you have vibrated into it through your conscious choices to align with Love and what is truly beneficial for you. You deserve all of the joy, abundance, success, and Twin Flame romance that is coming your way!

Twin Flame Collective Energies

A new reality is upon you, Twin Flames. This week, you’re being invited to release attachment to worry and negativity, and choose to trust in the Divine completely. You are stepping into a new chapter of expansive inner peace. It’s safe for you to let go of negativity and fear surrounding change, and trust that you are being divinely guided and divinely protected as you embark on this next phase in your Twin Flame journey.

The Divine Feminine Opens her Heart to Receive

Divine Feminine, there’s an upset you’ve been working through in your consciousness that you’re being invited to release. You’ve been carrying around an expectation of being hurt or disappointed, either by your relationships, or by life circumstances not unfolding in the way you would expect. As a result, you don’t expect to receive very much, as a way to protect yourself from being disappointed.

This week, the Divine is inviting you to let go of this old wound and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised at how things can work in your favor. Holding onto this fear has been keeping you trapped in a scarcity mindset. The truth is that you are always being perfectly loved and supported by the Divine, and the more that you open your mind and heart to accept this as reality, the more you will see this belief reflected back to you by your relationships. You deserve to be loved and cherished. It’s safe to open your heart to Love.

The Divine Masculine Claims his Power

Divine Masculine, you are much more powerful than you realize. Have you been selling yourself short? This week, you’re being invited to claim your true self on a much deeper level. There are dreams in your heart that perhaps you are talking yourself out of, out of a fear that you don’t have what you believe you need to fulfill them. Don’t be so quick to make assumptions or judge what you are capable of!

If you have a desire in your heart, it’s because the Divine placed it there. It’s safe for you to partner with the Divine to achieve your dreams. Don’t procrastinate toward your goals – even if you don’t believe you have everything you need to achieve your dream, making the effort and getting started on what you can do sets the wheels in motion. Let Love take you the rest of the way there. When you drive full speed ahead toward your goals, you take back your power.

Recognizing your True Self

As the week winds down, your confidence will receive a much-deserved boost. You’re calling in a deep healing in your identity and your relationship with yourself. It’s safe for you to claim your greatness. You don’t have to know how to achieve a dream – you simply need to claim it all the way in your heart and allow the Divine to show you the rest of the way. When you claim your true self, your Twin Flame does the same, and your Union grows closer.