Ever-Expanding Peace

Twin Flame Energy Update: December 18-24, 2023

Twin Flames are birthing an expansive new chapter, but first, we’re called inward to rest, contemplate, and get clear on our true desires and intentions.

Oracle Card for the Week: Well-Deserved Reward

From Psychic Tarot for the Heart, by John Holland

You are completing a cycle on your Twin Flame journey, and your hard work is paying off. You may have been experiencing challenges on your journey in the past few weeks, and this card is a sign that you are ready to overcome these difficulties and step into a new level of peace, security, and awareness. Trust that everything you have been experiencing has been happening with a purpose – to help you align with all of the blessings the Divine has in store for you and your beloved Twin Flame.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

The holiday season is in full swing, and your focus is being directed toward friendships and socializing. Perhaps you’ve experienced profound shifts in your social circle and connections recently, and you’re finding yourself in limbo between the life you once lived and the life you’re creating. How does it all fit in? Will those you love choose to grow with you? As the week begins, you’re invited to expand your social circle and explore deeper relationships with those who have vibrated into your reality. As you open up to new and blossoming friendships, your understanding of who you are grows and deepens.

The Divine Feminine Heals a Core Wound

Divine Feminine, there’s been a wound in your heart that you’ve been nursing for quite some time. The Divine has been supporting you in healing this wound. Every step you’ve been taking along your journey has been supporting you in coming to this awareness and understanding that you’re manifesting now. You’ve called in this new level of awareness because you’ve come to the realization that you no longer desire to experience the contrast of this wound in your consciousness and reality.

This week, you’ll have an opportunity to experience peace where you once experienced pain, difficulty, or confusion. Be sure to nurture yourself and give yourself the space to feel, as deep feelings are coming up to be released and healed. Healing this core wound will support you in feeling safe opening your heart to the Divine once more. As you release heavy baggage and relax into the truth of your Union with the Divine, your Twin Flame naturally comes closer.

The Divine Masculine Relaxes into Peace

The Divine Masculine has been returning home to himself, the past several weeks. This week, he is called particularly to pay close attention to his relationship with his body, and the physical experience of embodiment. His focus may be drawn to how he feels in his body and his physical environment. This inner exploration is paving the way for new expansion, as any contrast he experiences is supporting new, powerful choices in his life.

As he feels his feelings about his physical reality more deeply, he is being nurtured into making new, positive changes that support a new wave of expansion. His drive for tDivine Masculine, you’ve been busy. This entire year may have felt like a whirlwind and an endless marathon, all at once. There was Divine purpose in this intensity. It was meant to help you get out of stagnation and catapult you into your purpose. You’ve grown, healed major blocks, and now you’re coming out the other side stronger and more resilient because of it. This week, you’ll have the opportunity to begin experiencing deeper fruits from all of your spiritual effort.

If you’ve been feeling the intensity begin to calm down, it isn’t a coincidence – you’re ascending to a new level of peace in your life, thanks to all of the foundation you’ve laid on your journey. This week, you may be tempted to go back to the whirlwind pace you’ve grown accustomed to, but check yourself first. Giving yourself time to rest, recharge, and be present with your feelings may be more supportive. As you free up your energy, you’re creating space for your Union to receive more of your attention, which provides you with plenty of opportunity for sweet connection with your beloved Twin Flame.

Relax into Expanded Peace

As the year winds down, you’re being provided with an opportunity to ground your energy. Trust that whatever is meant to be accomplished will get done, and prioritize your emotions and self-care. External success comes from your inner work. When you give yourself space to process your feelings and take only inspired, guided action, you make much more efficient progress toward your goals. This new level is bringing you deeper peace, joy, and abundance. As you release old worries and claim your Harmonious Union with all of your heart, your external reality reflects this loving and sacred choice.