Telling a New Tale

Twin Flame Energy Update: December 11-17, 2023

Twin Flames are expressing their truth in new ways this week. As you grow and expand, old stories about yourself no longer apply – it’s time to write a new one based in Divine Love and Truth. As you release the illusions that weigh you down, your confidence soars, bringing fresh new energy and activity toward your Twin Flame Union.

Oracle Card for the Week: The Storyteller

From Oracle of the 7 Energies, by Colette Baron-Reid

What stories have you been believing about yourself? Are you holding onto ideas from the past that no longer apply or serve you, or entertaining illusions about yourself that are not really true? This card is coming up for you this week to point you in a new direction. It’s safe to open your heart to Divine truth about who you are, which will surprise and delight you. As you begin seeing yourself accurately, your Twin Flame recognizes the truth of your connection more deeply.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

You have a gift, dear friend, that is begging to be shared. Maybe you’ve felt shy about putting yourself out there in this way. Maybe old fears or limiting beliefs are preventing you from truly unleashing your love upon the All in this way. Your gifts were given to you with purpose. No one else in all of Creation is exactly like you – you are a critical piece in the puzzle. Maybe you don’t see yourself this way, but it’s the truth. You are needed, you are necessary, and you shine just by being you. This week, you’re being invited to share yourself in new ways. Let yourself relax into the flow and be guided – you’ll know exactly how and when to do it. Your Twin Flame Union will benefit from your choice to express yourself authentically.

The Divine Feminine Affirms her Choices

Divine Feminine, have you been balancing between two worlds? Lately, you may be feeling as if the intense healing work you’ve been doing all year is at odds with your life’s current reality. You might be finding yourself catering to both sides, simply trying to find balance and peace. The truth is that the idea of there being two realities is an illusion; there is only one reality, and when you choose what is false over what is true, you leak your energy away, resulting in you feeling drained and uninspired.

This week, you’re being invited to affirm your choices in your heart and choose to align your life to your true self. This is an inner choice; as you choose Love with all of your heart, and choose to live your life aligned with Love, you will find that you get much of your energy back that was being siphoned away toward keeping everyone else happy. The relief you’ll feel from this choice will give you the energy and confidence you need to truly spread your wings. Don’t worry about how other people react to your new choices; as you relax into authenticity, those who are choosing Love will naturally align with you, including your beloved Twin Flame.

The Divine Masculine Chooses Generosity and Abundance

Divine Masculine, there is something you’ve been learning for quite some time about how Love really works. Perhaps when you were young, you were taught that you couldn’t have what you really desired. Maybe you developed, as a result of experiences in the world, an “every man for himself” mentality in order to protect yourself and your sensitive heart. How is that working out for you? Do you feel at ease in your reality? Do you feel loved and supported?

This week, you’re beginning to open your eyes to the illusion that you weren’t able to see – that protecting your energy and your heart with walls and masks doesn’t serve you. In order to have and experience everything you desire, you must be willing to give and share Love generously, without expectations. When you release expectations, you allow the Universe to give back to you without resistance in an infinite loop of growth and expansion. Remember, the greatest protection for your heart is not isolation; it’s Love. When you fill your heart with Love, you naturally attract those who love you for you, especially your beautiful Twin Flame.

Aligning with Love

Your willingness to confront uncomfortable feelings will be rewarded as the week closes. Your self-confidence and faith in your skills, gifts, and abilities is expanding, and you will find yourself feeling less afraid to show up as your true self in your life and relationships. As you choose to align more deeply with Love and authenticity, that which is out alignment with it naturally falls away peacefully, and only true Love remains. This recovered energy will have powerful effects in your life, your career or Life Purpose, and most importantly, your Twin Flame Union.