Blazing through the Lion’s Gate

Twin Flame Energy Update: August 7 - 13, 2023

As the powerful and mystical energies of the Lion’s Gate Portal peak on Tuesday (8/8), Twin Flames are collectively urged and inspired to release resistance toward their dreams. We’re breaking the self-imposed chains that have held us back and are moving confidently toward our highest good and manifesting our heart’s desires.

Tarot Card for the Week: Queen of Cups

From the Rider-Waite Tarot

The Queen of Cups is compassionate, poetic, and a visionary. She takes guided action toward her dreams with confidence and faith, knowing that what is in her highest good is also in the highest good of all. This week’s energy favors fully releasing resistance, staying present with the Love in your heart, and moving confidently toward your dreams. When you choose yourself, your Twin Flame reflects that choice and naturally harmonizes with you.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

Twin Flames are making huge strides toward the vibration of Harmonious Twin Flame Union. If the past several months have felt intense for you, it’s because you’ve been preparing to level up, and releasing the beliefs, situations, and attachments that were preventing you from truly moving forward on your journey. As you choose to trust the Divine fully and claim your dreams fully in your heart, you are able to move forward in peace toward what is truly meant for you.

The Divine Feminine Claims Her True Self and Leaps into her Dreams

Divine Feminines, you’ve been grappling with a decision for some time. There is something you have held dear for a long time that is no longer serving you. You may have wanted to hold onto what once was, because of all of the beautiful memories you have, but the truth is that the situation, as it currently stands, no longer aligns with you, and it’s time for things to shift. The situation you’re attached to has felt like a shell of what it once was, and this is because you’ve changed. It’s important to be honest with yourself and acknowledge all of your growth, so that you can truthfully assess what needs to change.

You may find yourself catastrophizing about what may happen if you let go. Letting go simply means to release attachment and allow the Divine to work its magic. As you release control over this situation, you’ll find that you regain much of your energy back, because the control and fear you were holding onto has been draining you and preventing you from moving full speed ahead toward your goals. Success, growth, and expansion are here for you as you choose to fully embody your true self and work toward your dreams. As you release the old, you make space for deeper and more authentic connection with your Divine Masculine

The Divine Masculine Overcomes an Obstacle and Receives his Heart’s Desire

Divine Masculines, you’ve also been moving through a great deal of heart healing over the past several months. Rest assured that the inner work you’ve been putting forth is leading you toward the results you’re desiring in your heart. Like the Divine Feminine, you’ve been releasing an old situation or way of being that you deeply identified with in the past, but is no longer serving you. As you make new choices to align with who you truly are inside, you find yourself more inspired to support the life that you’re living right now, rather than resisting it.

There’s been something that you’ve been resisting over the past several weeks, and your journey has come to a place where you can no longer compassionately maintain this resistance. There’s somewhere that you’re refusing change. You may have created ideas in your mind about what this change means – it’s safe for you to let go of what you believe will happen, and allow the Divine to work for you. The results you experience when you surrender to the Divine will exceed your expectations. Releasing resistance inspires you to move closer to your Divine Feminine, and brings forth opportunities for growth in your Life Purpose, abundance, and joy.

Surrendering to Divine Flow

Twin Flames are learning valuable lessons this week about the power of surrendering and aligning to Divine Flow. Love is far more powerful than the fear that holds you back. When you choose to give your power to Love and not fear, you are naturally empowering yourself to achieve your dreams and aligning with your true, Divine self. It’s safe to choose what is really best for you – what is in your greatest good is also in the greatest good of all involved. Releasing control makes way for truly Divine miracles