The Twin Flame Journey is a Lifestyle

When I first started out on my Twin Flame journey, I really had no idea what it would entail. I just had this feeling in my heart that I desired true love. I had no idea what was involved in the process. The call in my heart for true love was powerful – I envisioned my life without my perfect partner, and it felt lonely and empty. Being with anyone other than the person I was meant to be with felt pointless to me. I think most people start out on the Twin Flame journey thinking that this is just like a typical relationship but with a deeper connection. How can you not? What other context would you have for this type of relationship?

I definitely wasn’t betting on starting a whole spiritual journey. In my mind, it was going to take just a little redirection and learning a few tips and tricks. I signed up for Twin Flame Ascension School classes thinking I’d be able to just take the classes for a little while, manifest my True Love, and then move on with my life. I thought I had life figured out and I was just needing a little extra push here.I was wrong! Turns out, I had no idea what true, romantic love was, and it was going to take a lot more effort than I thought to manifest it. I thought about giving up a lot in those early stages. I wasn’t really all in for awhile… but whenever I thought about giving up, I remembered how empty it would feel to give up on Love. So I kept going, because in truth, there wasn’t really any turning back, and it did feel good to move forward in life. You can’t “un-awaken” from your Twin Flame journey, and in truth, I was feeling better inside, even if I hadn’t seen any external progress with my Twin Flame.

If you want to meet a goal, or manifest anything, you have to become the person who has that goal. You have to embody the vibration, the essence, of someone who has that manifestation. In order to manifest my Twin Flame, I was going to have to transform into the version of me who already had True Love.

“To have Union you must become Union," - Jeff and Shaleia share in their Romance in Sedona workshop

This means that you have to align yourself with Love Itself. You have to make a core choice to live your life in alignment with how you were created, which, if you’ve been living life on autopilot, takes quite a bit of inner exploration. There’s an identity shift that needs to take place, where you choose to become that version of yourself. It’s no different than if you want to manifest your perfect body – it’s not just about making a few short-term changes to lose weight or build muscle; it’s about making the identity shift to become a healthy person. Your entire life needs to change to create space and accommodate that goal and way of being into who you are at the core. You might have to invest in a gym membership and buy new shoes and clothes. You get what I mean. The way you see yourself has to shift.

In your heart you know that if you want to achieve anything, you have to go all in with it. I never really saw spirituality that way – my relationship with God was very surface-level; it was something I was all in with for an hour on Sundays and then would promptly put it to the back of my mind. I liked learning about New Age-y spiritual concepts, but more so in the same way, keeping it all at arm’s length. My relationship with spirituality itself was going to have to change. It was going to need to become central in my life. When you’re on your Twin Flame journey, you aren’t just manifesting any old partner – you’re calling in the person God created to be with you, who loves you perfectly and challenges you most deeply just by being themselves. Your Twin Flame is your partner in your ascension – they are going to support you in becoming the highest version of yourself.

 If you had told me when I first started my journey how much effort it would take, I wouldn’t have been able to comprehend it. Even learning how to really feel and be fully present with my feelings took me several years. But I wouldn’t take any of it back for the world. I’ve been consciously on my Twin Flame journey for 7 years, and I feel like it’s only just beginning. The beautiful thing about the Twin Flame journey is how much it makes you grow in such a short time. I’ve learned more about myself and more about life in these past 7 years than I could ever have expected. All of my relationships have improved, because I’m more present with my feelings and more conscious about who I really am at the core. I care more deeply about the people in my life because I care more deeply about myself. There are so many beautiful things in my life that I’ve been working really hard toward, even if at this stage they still feel like seedlings taking their time germinating in the ground. With every block healed, my life fills up more and more with love, and I know they will sprout one day and I’ll have a beautiful garden.

If your Twin Flame journey is taking twists and turns that you didn’t expect, know that you’re not alone. I totally know the feeling of the journey being so much more than you bargained for, but believe me, it’s so worth it to keep persisting, even if it feels like you’re in the middle of a dark tunnel right now. That dark tunnel is actually a channel of transformation. You will get to the other side of it, and emerge victorious.