The Four REAL Stages of Harmonious Twin Flame Union

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Let’s clear up one important thing: separation, or a separation phase, is NOT necessary on your way to Harmonious Twin Flame Union! There are four clear steps that every Twin Flame Union goes through on their way to Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and we’ll discuss them in detail.

Separation between Twin Flames stems from the belief that you are separate in some way from Love. While experiencing separation on your Twin Flame is common, it can be healed through a choice to realign yourself with Love, and it is not a requirement that Twin Flames experience this in order to manifest their Union.

The four stages that every Twin Flame couple goes through on their way to Harmonious Twin Flame Union are outlined in Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia. They are: the Decision, Meeting, Upset, and Unconditional Love. These stages are fluid, and different aspects of your Union may be moving through this continuum at different times. It’s a gentle process of purification that happens within your Union over time until you attain Perfect Union with each other. Let’s discuss each stage in detail:

Stage 1: The Decision

This is the stage in which you choose, with your whole heart, to attract your Twin Flame into your life. This stage is essential – once you have decided upon something, you have pointed yourself in the direction of manifesting it into your life, and your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is no different. Since Twin Flames choose as One, once you have decided upon something, your Twin Flame has, as well. In this stage, you may also experience contrast that is supporting you in getting clear on your choice. Do not be afraid of this contrast; work the process of healing through the blocks in your reality, and continue to affirm your choice. Use the Mirror Exercise to support you in working through the upsets and challenges that arise, and you will find that you will overcome all of the blocks, one by one.

“You will be tried for your alignment with your Twin Flame. You will not be able to see, hear, feel, taste, or touch your Twin Flame until you work yourself into alignment with your Twin Flame, and Harmonious Twin Flame Union.” – Jeff and Shaleia, Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover

Stage 2: Meeting

After you clear the blocks toward manifesting your Twin Flame into your reality, you begin the process of truly getting to know each other on every level. Meeting your Twin Flame is a process that brings up a great deal of emotions and awareness, because in this process of meeting and getting to know your Twin Flame, you are also getting to know yourself. Your Twin Flame, as your Divine Mirror, will reflect your consciousness back to you. Be patient with yourself; this stage is best approached with an open mind and a choice to appreciate what your Twin Flame is showing you.

Stage 3: Upset

In this stage, you and your Twin Flame are working through any disharmony that may appear within the consciousness of your Union. This stage is bringing you toward the peace and harmony that you are craving. Upsets and challenges arise to bring you deeper into love, and working through them with compassion and an open mind is essential. There is no need to separate in order to work through these blocks; the more you are willing to dedicate yourself to your inner work and commit to your Union through upsets that arise, the more smoothly you will find that you are able to transcend them.

“You’re not deliberately upsetting your Twin Flame, and they are not deliberately upsetting you, because you are each responsible for your own happiness and peace. Your Twin Flame is holding a space of love in their vibration, and wherever you are not holding that space for yourself, you are going to experience an upset until you love yourself in that area.” – Jeff and Shaleia, Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover

Stage 4: Unconditional Love

This last stage is what happens when you choose to persist through the challenges and misalignments in your Union. It is what every Twin Flame Union has the capacity for, because your Union was created in a space of unconditional love.

“You will, with absolute certainty, experience True Divine Love in this fourth stage of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.” Jeff and Shaleia, Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover

As you work the process of loving yourself unconditionally through whatever arises on your Twin Flame journey, you will find yourself growing closer and closer to your Twin Flame. You never need to choose separation and heartbreak within your Union in order to magnetize your Twin Flame closer. Unconditional love and peace can resolve any challenge, because there is no force more powerful than Love itself.