Introspection Invites Romance

This week, the Twin Flame collective is given an opportunity to reflect upon the shifts and new energy that we experienced in the past few weeks. The week begins with Venus entering Cancer on May 7th. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and romance, and as it leaves behind the talkative air sign of Gemini and enters the deeply emotional water sign of Cancer, we’re being invited to bring our energy toward our hearts and our feelings.

With Mercury still in retrograde until May 14th, this is an excellent opportunity to meditate and reflect on how you feel in your heart. Take some time to be present with yourself, nurture yourself with self-care, revise projects, and purge old energy. Doing so helps you put your best foot forward toward the next phase of your journey.

Over the past few weeks, the Divine Feminine has been called to purge misaligned beliefs that were preventing her from fully grounding into her current reality. Through root and sacral chakra healing that brought up deep clearing of ancestral patterns or generational trauma, she is now able to experience a clearer picture of what is truly in alignment with her. This week, as she integrates this new awareness more deeply, she’s stepping into a new energy of deeper integrity with her own core values, allowing her to experience a more pure and clear connection to the Divine through her intuition.

The Divine Masculine is mirroring the Divine Feminine by claiming his confidence and sense of self more deeply. Over the past few weeks, he has been purging old ideas of who he believes himself to be, and choosing to align more deeply with who he is at the core. Releasing these old energies has given him a new understanding of what truly sets his soul on fire. As a result of this, he’s seeing his Divine Feminine in a new light, and finding himself more open to exploring new ideas or avenues within his heart.

As the week closes out and we’ve had the opportunity to process all of our new awareness from the past few weeks, new energy begins to emanate from the collective, encouraging greater authenticity and passion between Twin Flames. It’s a great opportunity to express your feelings, either through a meaningful conversation, or through a fun activity that invites deeper connection. Romance is definitely in the air!