"Cristina gave me a card reading and it was perfect."

“Cristina gave me a card reading recently and it was perfect. As a spiritual teacher and Divine Channel who has helped countless people with their spiritual work, and who has over 30 card decks myself, I usually handle my own readings. But God directed me to Cristina, and spoke through her perfectly. She is talented and effective as a messenger of God’s loving guidance and work, and I highly recommended you give her a try. 

As an ivy league PhD graduate, she is a brilliant scientist. As a highly celebrated and respected Twin Flame Ascension School student, she has learned and continues to develop world-class spiritual mastery to not only evolve herself, but to help others in just the right way too. What a silly choice it would be for you to pass up on working with her while she still accepts individual clientele, and at such a low price too.


Jeff Ayan

"She never deviates from the Truth and speaks only from a place of Love."

  “Cristina is the best coach I have ever worked with and I couldn’t recommend working with her enough! Cristina has been my perfect mentor since day one.  She is fully aligned and grounded in the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia. She never deviates from the Truth and speaks only from a place of Love. She’s excellent at guiding you through your feelings and her awareness is so refined that she easily identifies your patterns in order for you to transcend them. Cristina is an amazing coach because she helps you make the best decisions for yourself through your own awareness. Because of this, the next time you are presented with a similar situation or challenge, you know exactly how to navigate it. This perfectly exemplifies that she is always moving you forward on your journey. You will never have to depend on her for the answers, because she teaches you to depend on God. Cristina has an outstanding grounded and logical approach, which paired with this teaching makes you feel unstoppable. Working with Cristina has helped me integrate the teaching into every area of my life in a very practical way. I attribute a lot of my growth and success on my journey to working with Cristina. If you are looking for unbiased advice from a mentor that truly cares about you, then Cristina is the coach for you! She carries herself with utmost respect for herself and others and is someone you can fully trust and confide in. You can trust that you will never deviate from the path that God has already laid out for you.

I can’t thank Cristina enough for her guidance and support. 

I am very grateful to God for having guided me to you. I love you, Cristina!”

Kristina Z., USA

"I always feel fully supported and loved during each session."

“I’ve been working with Cristina for quite some time now — she is an amazing coach! She is so knowledgeable and grounded in the work. She patiently guides me through each layer of my upsets and helps me to bring love and healing to all areas of my life. I always feel fully supported and loved during each session. She is very wise, has keen intuition and is able to seamlessly provide spiritual and practical guidance for my journey and questions that come up along the way. I highly recommend investing in yourself by working with her!”


Gabriel G., USA

"She never deviates from the Truth and speaks only from a place of Love."

“I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a coaching session with Cristina, who is a Live Student of Twin Flame Ascension School and direct pupil of Twin Flame teachers, Jeff & Shaleia. Cristina patiently allowed me to discuss my current upsets and openly answered questions regarding her own healing journey without hesitation. She meticulously guided me as I was sorting out a predicament that was causing me to feel distressed and frustrated. Of course, Cristina reminded me that I have the right to my own feelings and that I had the ability take action based on what feels good to me. At the end of the session, I felt in control of my life and had also diminished my fears regarding my dissatisfaction of trying to satisfying other people. I was able to realize that God created me as me and not someone to fit another being’s expected mold.  This guidance saved me a lot of headache, just in time for a fresh light start to the New Year. Cristina is the perfect combination of undeviating and understanding. Thank you so much Cristina for your compassionate tolerance as I rambled on and for promptly directing me to recognize the core issue behind my scurried thoughts!”

Stephanie K., Canada

"I recently had a sixty minute session with Cristina and it was so effective, that I find it hard to remember my upsets that we discussed together."

“I recently had a sixty minute session with Cristina and it was so effective, that I find it hard to remember my upsets that we discussed together. I felt immediate relief and healing as she so gently lead me through my major upsets of feeling a lack of connection with god, a block in receiving love from god, financial blocks, sexuality blocks, and upsets with my twin flame. As the session progressed, I felt better and better, more peaceful, and ultimately true joy at the center of my heart. My twin also immediately messaged me three times asking what I am doing and why I am not answering and our relationship has deepened ever since, in a very positive way. The session with Christina was peaceful, assertive, and to the point. It was like she just knew what to say in every moment and knew how to lead me to places I did not know how to lead myself. I felt her presence in full commitment, her infinite patience, her true determination, and her unconditional love. I would do another session with Christina any day, and I will. She is an excellent coach and she knows how to heal your blocks in an instant. It’s truly like magic. I enjoyed working with her and I feel so much better since!”

Natalie D., Isreal

"Thank you again for this amazing experience!"

“Me and my twin flame Alexandra just had an amazing session with Cristina. She guided us so beautifully trough our feelings and explained so complete and with a lot of love. She is so amazing and lovely! ❤️ Thank you again for this amazing experience!”

Laurentiu B., Romania