Respect on the Twin Flame Journey

One of the most crucial elements for a healthy relationship is respect. Respect forms the foundation of any meaningful relationship, and your Twin Flame Union is no exception. Respect is one of the 8 keys of Harmonious Twin Flame Union. If you want to come together with your Twin Flame, mastering the energy of respect is essential.

“Respect means you honor the choices of your Twin Flame, yourself, and others. It also means you respect the choices of God in your Life through your life circumstances.”

-Jeff and Shaleia, Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover

In this context, respect encompasses acknowledging and valuing the choices, boundaries, and life experiences of your Twin Flame. It involves treating each other with kindness, compassion, and consideration, even during challenging times. Respect is the cornerstone of creating a safe and nurturing dynamic between you and your Twin Flame.

Twin Flames were created as One by the Divine. You share one consciousness and make the same core choices. As a result, your Twin Flame is your Divine Mirror, reflecting your consciousness back to you, always. 

When you choose to respect your Twin Flame’s choices, you are choosing to honor the truth of where your Union’s vibration truly is. This allows you to honestly assess how you really feel about these choices, and heal the upset within by coming to peace. You do not need to agree with their choices, but denying the reality of the situation does not allow you to fully do the inner work needed to transcend it.

If you and your Twin Flame make the same core choices, and your Twin Flame is doing something you don’t agree with, what does that mean for you?

Great question. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are carrying out the same life decisions on the outside; however, the core reason behind these choices is what is essential to look at in order to transcend the situation. Say, for example, that your Twin Flame is choosing to date someone else. This is a common scenario on the Twin Flame journey. If you just looked at it on a surface level, you could look at your own life, and say, “Well, I’m not choosing to date anyone else. I don’t see the mirror. This makes no sense!”

But you have to look deeper. This is where it’s essential to respect what is being shown to you through your Twin Flame’s choices. Don’t fall into the trap of disregarding their choice because you know you’re meant to be. If you desire to truly transcend the situation, you must choose to fully acknowledge it and feel your feelings about it. In this case, what does that person, that third party, represent? You find this out by exploring your feelings, doing the Mirror Exercise, and being very honest with yourself. It’s only when you fully respect what your Twin Flame is showing you, that you will break through the illusion, clear through the upset, and transcend the situation.

You can’t reach over to your Twin Flame’s reality and make new choices for them. Whatever you’re truly choosing at the core, they’re choosing it, too. When you truly choose to respect that you’re in this challenge together as each other’s closest partner in Ascension, you are respecting the true nature of your relationship. Respecting your Twin Flame means respecting their Divinity.

When you choose to master respect at the core, you will find that your Union with your Twin Flame, no matter where it is, can truly relax. It’s safe to explore your feelings fully and relax into the pace of your journey, knowing that every upset you work through is making you stronger and more confident.