Releasing Attachment on your Twin Flame Journey

If you’re on the Twin Flame journey, you may have heard that it’s important to release attachment to your Twin Flame. This can feel like a challenge when you feel so in love with someone, and deeply desire to reunite and begin your beautiful life together. What does it mean to release attachment, and how do you go about doing it?

You and your Twin Flame are One. You were created at the same time by the Divine from the same soul blueprint. There is nothing that can truly separate you from your Twin Flame. Relaxing into this truth and releasing control over how your Union physically manifests is essential.

Your Twin Flame is attracted to your peace, because peace is the foundation of your Union. Peace is your natural state, and it’s the vibration that your Twin Flame recognizes most clearly as “home”. When we are in a state of control, fear, and anxiety over the connection, we are not at peace, and the resistance that we create drives a wedge into our connection with our Twin Flame. Fortunately, returning to peace is one choice away.

Attachment stems from fear. When we are attached, we are substituting another person for our connection to the Divine, and trying to make them our source of peace and happiness. The first step to releasing attachment is to identify where or how you are wanting to make your Twin Flame your source of Love. Your Twin Flame is not your source of Love. Although you may feel loved by them, they are actually mirroring back the Love you have cultivated within yourself. Understanding this and recognizing that the Love you desire doesn’t come from your Twin Flame, at the core, is essential for releasing attachment.

Releasing attachment does not mean that you withdraw your love, or stop loving your Twin Flame. It means that you choose not to see them as your source, and you release control over their choices and their spiritual journey. Choosing to love your Twin Flame unconditionally liberates the both of you, and allows you to focus on the inner work that will truly bring you toward your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The Love that you are desiring to receive from your Twin Flame is a reflection of the Love that you are desiring to receive from yourself. The Mirror Exercise, taught by Jeff and Shaleia in their book, “Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover”, will help you find and clear away the places in your heart where you are looking outside of yourself for Love. When you choose to give yourself all of the Love and attention that you are desiring, you become naturally magnetic to your Twin Flame.

Be patient with yourself as you navigate this journey. You are learning a new way of being and existing – one based on unconditional love, rather than codependency. When you choose to persist in Love, one step at a time, you will naturally succeed. Harmonious Twin Flame Union is inevitable when you choose not to quit.