Overcoming Setbacks on your Twin Flame Journey

The journey from separation to Harmonious Twin Flame Union (and beyond!) is first and foremost a spiritual journey. It requires dedication to your inner healing and a willingness to persevere through challenges and blocks in the flow of Love between you and your Twin Flame. These blocks can manifest in a variety of ways, such as communication issues, intimacy blocks, and other challenges preventing you from moving forward toward your goals together.

Resolving these challenges and blocks requires resolving the inner feelings and upsets that created them in the first place. Blocks in the flow of Love result from unresolved past pain or from holding onto beliefs or choices that do not serve you. While it may be tempting to try to take external action in an attempt to resolve them, taking external action without resolving the spiritual issue that created the block ultimately leads to prolonged upsets, rather than true resolution. It’s only when the root of the upset is completely resolved that you will truly transcend the pattern.

When you experience a setback on your Twin Flame journey, it’s normal to feel discouraged at first. For example, if you were feeling great in your relationship with your Twin Flame and then all of a sudden an old pattern arises, or they withdraw communication, it’s normal to have feelings about this. Don’t cover up your feelings or judge yourself; let yourself fully feel everything and give yourself all of the Love you need. Feeling your feelings completely and having compassion for yourself is absolutely essential. You’re learning and you’re healing.

It’s important to remember that you are not being punished. The Divine does not punish. You are being Loved, even if it doesn’t feel that way at first. What is really happening is that you are getting a more clear sense of where you truly are vibrationally on the journey. Everything that happens on your Twin Flame journey is supporting you toward achieving your dream of Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You are always being shown where you are calling for Love, through your external reality, your feelings, and what your Twin Flame reflects to you.

Healing is not always linear. There may be times where you feel you are making swift progress towards your goals, only to discover that other aspects of your foundation need support before you can truly receive the blessing you are manifesting. If this happens, it’s simply an invitation to bring Love to a new place within your consciousness. You are picking up another puzzle piece that you weren’t previously aware that you needed. All of it is helping you and your Twin Flame grow stronger. Have patience with yourself – the more you have patience with yourself and relax into the flow of your journey, the more efficiently you’ll find yourself making permanent progress.

Your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is built upon a foundation of peace and unconditional Love. The journey from separation to Harmonious Twin Flame Union will require you to build this foundation by healing the upsets that are keeping you apart. The Mirror Exercise, taught by Jeff and Shaleia in their book, “Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover”, will support you in healing these blocks and bringing Love to those places within your heart. Every time you choose Love over fear, you are laying another essential brick in the foundation of your Union. Always keep persisting in Love. It’s worth it, and you will succeed if you don’t ever quit.