Letting Go of Control on your Twin Flame Journey

The Twin Flame journey is a spiritual journey, first and foremost. That means that in order to achieve the results you desire on the outside, you have to do the important work on the inside: loving yourself, aligning with the flow, and surrendering control. The art of releasing control is a topic that holds immense significance in the realm of Twin Flames. Whether you’re on this journey or just curious, understanding how control impacts your Union and discovering ways to let go is crucial.

Control, in the context of the Twin Flame journey, is any attempt to force an outcome or manipulate a situation in your favor. Even though you and your Twin Flame are one at the core, you cannot make choices for them. The essence of this connection lies in building a relationship with yourself and the Divine – the relationship you have with your Twin Flame is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. When you try to control, you’re essentially resisting the natural flow of Love and unity that already exists. Remember, the separation you feel is an illusion that dissolves when you release control.

Why Release Control?

Releasing control isn’t just about manifesting Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame; it’s essential on the transformative journey for personal growth. Attempting to manipulate situations stems from fear, which is the opposite of love. It does not actually generate the result you’re seeking, because you have to use your own energy to make it happen, rather than attracting it. By relinquishing control, you open the channels for Love, releasing the burden of fear, raising your vibration, and accelerating your own Ascension on the Twin Flame path.

Control inhibits open communication and disrupts the flow of Love between you and your Twin Flame. The connection between you and your Twin Flame is primarily energetic, no matter if you’re sitting next to each other or across the world, and attempting to control it creates resistance, which hinders your natural connection. Releasing control is a selfless act that benefits both you and your Union.

Identifying and Resolving Patterns of Control:

Emotional honesty and self-awareness are the keys to recognizing and releasing control patterns. Being truthful with yourself about your feelings and motivations allows you to pinpoint moments of control and resolve them. This awareness is fundamental in making conscious choices that align with the natural flow of Love. Whenever you are trying to control, you are essentially wanting to make the external conditions match a feeling that you are desiring to feel. By identifying that feeling, you are one step closer to breaking the pattern of control.

Once you have identified the feeling you were desiring, you can do inner healing work to be able to release control and surrender. Inner healing work is a cornerstone in realigning your consciousness with Love. Once you recognize that the external result you were desiring is pointing you to an inner feeling that you can give to yourself right in this moment, you will be able to take your power back from fear and surrender control. The Mirror Exercise, explained in detail in the book, “Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover”, by Jeff and Shaleia, helps you identify and heal the patterns that are keeping you separate from the vibration of Love.

Releasing control on your Twin Flame journey is not just a choice; it’s a sacred act of self-Love and trust in the divine plan. The Twin Flame journey involves a constant process of healing, shedding old patterns, and returning to the Divine truth of your Union. By embracing emotional honesty, cultivating self-awareness, and committing to inner healing, you pave the way for a natural Union filled with Love. Remember, the journey is uniquely yours, and with each step, you move closer to the blissful harmony that awaits you.

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