Identifying a False Twin Flame

Have you had a False Twin Flame experience on your Twin Flame journey? This experience is somewhat common, although not mandatory, and although it can bring forth a variety of emotions to feel through, ultimately, it is helping you align to what is truly meant for you.

A false Twin Flame is someone that closely resembles the vibration of your Twin Flame, however, they are not, at the core, your true vibrational match. They may embody many of the qualities of your Twin Flame and feel like a very close match, however, when you arrive at the core of your relationship with them, they do not choose as One with you.

A common reason that someone might manifest a false Twin Flame would be to learn lessons and to help them get clear about what they are truly seeking in their Twin Flame. As Jeff and Shaleia share in their book, “Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover”:

“Remember, your false Twin Flame can be the gateway to your true Twin Flame when you utilize the lessons, and choose to heal the core blocks your false Twin Flame is presenting for your real Twin Flame Union to occur.”

The more you choose to get to know yourself, the easier it will be to differentiate a true Twin Flame from a false Twin Flame. For many people, getting to know their true selves is a substantial part of their journey. Allowing yourself to fully feel your feelings, working through upsets with the Mirror Exercise, and keeping an open mind as you grow and change will help you get to know yourself on a much deeper level.

Below are nine signs that someone is a false Twin Flame, as featured in “Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover”, by Jeff and Shaleia:

  1. A false Twin Flame will regularly abandon you.
  2. A false Twin Flame will try to lie to you about who they really are.
  3. A false Twin Flame will not share your vision for the future.
  4. A false Twin Flame will not share all your deepest core values with you.
  5. A false Twin Flame will likely try to hide their true selves from you.
  6. A false Twin Flame will not help you create the vision for your life.
  7. A false Twin Flame will always prevent you from going deeper with them.
  8. A false Twin Flame will not be interested in bringing your painful misalignments to the surface.
  9. On the surface your false Twin Flame appears as your true Twin Flame, but as you go deeper, they reveal to you they are not who you are looking for. As you choose love at the core in the upset places inside of yourself your false Twin Flame is mirroring, they’ll choose separation over unity, versus your Twin Flame who would mirror your core choice to love and be unified with you.

If you find yourself with a false Twin Flame, it’s safe to feel all of your feelings. Know that you have done nothing wrong – this is simply a stepping stone toward the true Twin Flame Union that you are seeking. As you heal through the lessons that your false Twin Flame brought forth and choose to transcend them, you are preparing the way for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.