How Feeling your Feelings Ends Twin Flame Running

On the Twin Flame journey, many people report to experience what has been dubbed by the internet as the “runner/chaser” dynamic. This is experienced as one Twin Flame “running” from the connection, while the other Twin Flame “chases”, and sometimes vice-versa, creating a frustrating cycle in which a peaceful connection seems impossible. Does this sound familiar? Let’s break down what is really happening here, and how you can resolve this dynamic in your Twin Flame Union, once and for all.

You and your Twin Flame were created at the same moment, as one consciousness. You were created from the same soul blueprint, and you vibrate at the same vibrational frequency. Because you share one consciousness, you and your Twin Flame make your core choices. This means that your Twin Flame is your Divine Mirror, reflecting your consciousness back to you. Your entire reality is reflecting your consciousness and your choices back to you.

A common cause of the runner/chaser dynamic is as a result of focusing your energy and attention on something outside of you, rather than on yourself. Focusing your energy and attention on yourself is essential toward healing your Twin Flame Union – when you give yourself all of the love and attention you need and desire, you no longer require anything of your Twin Flame. This releases the tension and resistance in your connection, and naturally attracts your Twin Flame closer, because your relationship is free to harmonize in its natural way.

For many people, this challenge arises in their connection to themselves. One of the primary ways in which you connect with yourself is through feeling your feelings completely. In Twin Flame Ascension School, W7Class 62: “Healing a MAJOR ‘Runner/Chaser’ TF Block: Avoidance”, Jeff and Shaleia support a student who was experiencing her Twin Flame ignoring her. As the class progressed, it became clear that the student had been brushing off and ignoring her deeper feelings, which was resulting in her numbing out to how she truly felt about the current status of her relationship with the man she felt was her Twin Flame. As she was caught in the realization that, although she was committing to her journey, she was not choosing to truly engage with her feelings, she was able to realize that this situation was being mirrored back to her in her reality.

Your feelings support you in making sense of the world around you. As you make the choice to have a deeper emotional relationship with yourself, you will find that your relationship with your Twin Flame begins to bloom as a result. You will experience deeper presence in your life that leads to greater fulfillment in the moment, as well, and recognize that your Twin Flame is not the source of the love you’re desiring. You have access to all of the love you desire within you, now. When you are able to truly meet your emotional needs, the pressure is naturally released from your Twin Flame Union, and your natural harmony with your Twin Flame can be restored.

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