Healing Twin Flame Communication by Honoring Your Feelings

If you’re on the Twin Flame journey, chances are you’ve either experienced or heard about the frustrating phenomena of Twin Flame communication blocks. There’s all kinds of wacky advice out there on the internet, telling you to block your Twin Flame, play silly manipulation games to get them to miss you, or enchant them with a dubious “love spell”. The true solution is actually much easier than that, thank goodness.

Your relationship with your Twin Flame is deeply spiritual in nature. It’s a real, physical relationship with a person, but it’s unlike any other relationship you’ve experienced. It’s not transactional, where you give something to get something. It’s transcendental – at the core, it’s a spiritual relationship. You and your Twin Flame were created as One, meaning, you make the same core choices. They are your Divine Mirror, showing you always what you are choosing. In a nutshell, it’s a reflection of your relationship with yourself.

If you’re not communicating with your Twin Flame, it’s because on some level, you are not communicating with yourself. Here’s where lots of people get upset, and say, “I do communicate with myself! I’m with myself all the time!” But the truth is, if you’re not experiencing regular communication with your Twin Flame, it’s because there is somewhere in your heart where you are not openly communicating with yourself. Period.

We tend to see “communication” as verbal or written, but in truth, that’s just a tiny fraction of what communication really is. A huge part of our communication is actually energetic. It’s your feelings. The place where many people are lacking communication with themselves is in their feelings.

When I first began learning the Teachings of Union and doing the inner work with the Mirror Exercise in earnest back in 2017, I had a lot of difficulty being present with my feelings. It was new to me – I didn’t really know how to be present with myself and really feel my feelings. I knew how to rationalize and intellectualize my feelings, and I could spend a lot of time thinking about why I felt a certain way and projecting my feelings outside of me, but I didn’t yet understand how to truly feel and be present with the feelings. Nevertheless, I kept persisting, because the Mirror Exercise did always help me to feel better, and I wanted to be with my Twin Flame.

This changed for good when I healed trauma with the Mind Alignment Process in 2019. Healing trauma at the root helped me to be able to be fully present in my body and truly feel my feelings, rather than avoid them and have them turn into anxiety. I had spent much of my adult life subconsciously in a panic state, and didn’t really know how to be fully present with myself, because I had invested a lot of energy into avoiding myself and the uncomfortable feelings I held inside.

Within just several weeks after my MAP Healing Session, I was able to fully be present with my feelings as they came up for the first time. It was amazing! Feeling my feelings fully helped me actually come to complete peace after the Mirror Exercise, rather than kind of an uncomfortable “neutral” state, which was what I had previously thought was peace. I learned that in order to be able to get to true peace, I had to be willing to sit with a lot of emotion, which I was used to brushing away. It was definitely uncomfortable, at first, to fully feel a lot of big feelings, but I soon understood, after doing it more often, that sitting with uncomfortable feelings and giving yourself loving attention helps you break through to peace.

I realized that on some level, I had been choosing not to feel those feelings, because I was afraid of them. I would often get overwhelmed by big feelings and shut down. The more I chose to be present with whatever came up in my heart, and look at it honestly, the easier it became to really allow myself to feel. It got easier and easier. I realized that it was safe for me to open up to myself about whatever I was really feeling. I realized that I could create a safe environment within myself where I was safe to share whatever came up, no matter how “bad” it was. Getting it out into the open air, so to speak, instead of avoiding it, reduced the power I was giving to the fear, or the hate, or whatever it was within me, and allowed Love to take over that space.

"If you’re not communicating with your Twin Flame, it’s because on some level, you are not communicating with yourself.

Pretty much immediately after I began truly feeling my feelings when I did the Mirror Exercise, I began communicating regularly with my Twin Flame. He vibrated into my life seamlessly and we began partnering together on projects related to our Life Purpose. Even though we didn’t know we were Twin Flames yet, the communication between us was easy and smooth. The communication between us has, for the most part, continued to be easy and smooth ever since. I can tell my Twin Flame absolutely anything. Because I’ve made a core choice to never judge myself for what I feel, my Twin Flame reflects that decision to me. We still continue to go deeper in healing more refined communication blocks, and I feel confident we’ll keep growing, because we have the tools to do so through the Teachings of Union, and we’ve made the core choice to continue to do so.

If you’re experiencing Twin Flame communication blocks, know that you’re not alone. Take it one step at a time, and give yourself a lot of patience, love, and compassion. You can, and will heal it if you persist in Love.

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