Healing Cycles on your Twin Flame Journey

On the Twin Flame journey, you may have heard people refer to themselves as “healing”. What does it mean to be “healing” on the Twin Flame journey, and how does it work?

To start, let’s understand the purpose of healing on your Twin Flame journey. Twin Flames were created as One by the Divine. This means that you and your Twin Flame were created to be eternal partners: each other’s greatest teacher, perfect partner, best friend, and ultimate lover. Harmonious Union is your natural state as Twin Flames, wherein you feel peace at the core of your Union and you are consciously committed to love each other unconditionally. However, collectively, over millennia, humanity has chosen separation from Divine Love, and this has created a great deal of contrast in the world. At this time, many are being called to the Twin Flame journey to heal this separation, realign themselves with the Divine and, consequently, manifest their Harmonious Twin Flame Union. (You can read more about this in Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover, by Jeff and Shaleia.)

To heal, in the context of Twin Flames, means to return Love to the places within your mind wherein you have subscribed to the consciousness of separation. It means to restore your mind to peace. This is a conscious choice that one must make. You will naturally identify the places within your mind that are calling for healing – anywhere that you are manifesting something less than ideal, where you do not feel peace, is an invitation to choose healing and alignment with Love. Attracting your Twin Flame into your life greatly accelerates your healing because your Twin Flame is your Divine Mirror. Just by being themselves, they will draw your attention to all of the places within you that are calling for Love.

Having actively been on the Twin Flame journey since 2016, we’ve both recognized that healing and realigning with Love tends to happen with a specific rhythm. This is compassionate – your mind needs time and space to process your new choices. This can happen very quickly, or it can take a long time, depending on how easily you choose to move through your resistance to Love. Your choice is very powerful, and the instant you make a new choice, you have healed your upset in your mind. Over the next few minutes, weeks, or months, depending on how deep your upset was, how ingrained the thought pattern is, or how resistant you may be to change, you will integrate the new awareness from your choice, release what is out of alignment with Love, and finally notice your new vibration.

Our healing journeys greatly accelerated when we began practicing the Mirror Exercise and became students of Twin Flame Ascension School with Jeff and Shaleia. The high vibration of the classes expanded the peace within our hearts and allowed us to awaken to choices we were making in our lives that were keeping us stuck in separation and misery. When you raise your vibration, anything in your life out of alignment with that new vibration will come up for healing, transformation, or release. This is often the part that requires the most patience, compassion, and love for yourself, as you adapt to a new way of being. Many baby steps, over time, add up to a whole lot of change.


It’s essential to be patient with yourself as you move through these healing cycles on your journey. You are not just manifesting a partner – you’re creating a whole new Divine life for yourself. This is why it’s critical to understand that the Twin Flame journey is an active journey – you must do the inner work to align with what is truly for you. The Universe is always responding to your choice. No amount of waiting for your Twin Flame to choose Love will generate the results you desire. You have the power to make healthy new choices for yourself and set the foundation for your peace. When you relax into the pace of your healing journey, you will naturally attract all of your good.