Grounding your Energy for Harmonious Twin Flame Union

Reuniting with your Twin Flame is a beautiful and blissful experience, where you are able to ground your Union into 3D reality. Coming into Harmonious Twin Flame Union is a process – it requires healing your blocks to Love, one by one. The inner healing that must be done heals your energy body as well, allowing you to be able to physically and energetically handle the energy of your Twin Flame Union.

If you explore Twin Flames on the internet, it won’t take you long before you find many people talking about telepathic communication, seeing their Twin Flame in dreams, and other metaphysical phenomena. While this may seem very exciting, it’s important not to use or seek these experiences as a means of escapism. Your Union with your Twin Flame is meant to be just as much a physical experience as it is a spiritual experience, and much of what can prevent well-intentioned Twin Flame seekers from ever manifesting the physical experience with their beloved is getting lost in the “5D” of it all, and forgetting that they live a 3D physical life.

When you are calling in your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you are calling in your Heaven on Earth. This means that you are creating your physical reality to be in alignment with your dreams and your desires. Doing this on the physical 3D plane requires putting forth physical 3D effort and taking inspired action toward your desires. This is where grounding into peace can deeply support you in healing your reality swiftly and permanently.

What does it mean to be grounded? It means to reinforce your connection to your physical body and the Earth, helping you feel more in tune with your physical reality. You will find that you are able to sustain deep levels of peace for longer, and that your mind and body function more harmoniously. Some signs that you need to ground your energy could include feeling disconnected, feeling hyperactive, mind fog, or otherwise feeling uncomfortable in your relationship to your physical reality. 

There are many classical ways to ground your energy that you might have heard of, including focusing on activities that promote stability and connection with your body such as yoga, exercise, walking in nature, or mindfulness techniques. While these can help you temporarily feel more peaceful and connected, healing through upsets in your reality will help you achieve the most long-lasting results. Here, you will find the Mirror Exercise to be particularly helpful. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, and as you feel more secure and peaceful in your inner world, this leads to a stronger relationship with your outer reality.

The Twin Flame Healing Meditations, by Jeff and Shaleia, are deeply supportive in helping you bring your energy back to center and move forward on your Twin Flame journey in peace. The more you choose to be present with yourself and present with your physical reality, the more you will find your Twin Flame chooses the same. Everything you desire to create in your life arises from peace. Grounding your energy supports you in manifesting all of your desires.