About Us

We are Daniel and Cristina, True Twin Flames in Union. We are Ascension Coaches,  and we have dedicated our lives to helping Twin Flames heal. We understand the ups and downs and challenges of the Twin Flame Journey, however, we know that with enough dedication and healing, it is possible for all Twin Flames to be together in this lifetime. Over the years we have helped numerous Twin Flames heal, and we would love to support you on your journey.  

About Our Coaching

The foundation of the work that we use in our sessions is the very same healing method we used to heal our own Union. It is extremely effective at helping Twin Flames heal, and bringing Twin Flames together. Therefore, before working with us, we recommend signing up for Twin Flame Universes’ Free Introductory Course, to help prepare you for coaching with us. It’s completely free to sign up and it includes the following:

Free Introductory Course

  1. 8 Free Lessons that teach about the Twin Flame path, and provide insights to healing. 
  2. 3 Free 90-minute class videos — Take a peek into Twin Flame Ascension school through these free classes that provide wisdom and valuable insights for Twin Flames to heal their Union.
  3. Learn the Mirror Exercise, the most powerful tool to heal your Union

50% Off Your First Introductory Session

As a special gift for anyone that signs up for the Twin Flames Universe Free Introductory Course, we offer 50% off their first Introductory Session with us. If you would like to save 50% off your first Introductory Session with us, please do the following:

  1. Sign Up for the FREE Introductory Course HERE.
  2. Once you have signed up for the Free Introductory course, please fill out the form below.

As they say, it takes a village to raise a Harmonious Union! We’re deeply grateful for the support we received on our Twin Flame journeys through Twin Flame Ascension School. Nothing can replace the value of the supportive and close-knit relationships we developed with our classmates as we worked through our blocks together as one. Now, as Twin Flames Universe Ascension Coaches, we’re honored to be able to extend this opportunity to you.

Our group coaching classes are based on the Teachings of Union, which provide the clear pathway to permanently healing separation and manifesting Harmonious Twin Flame Union. In classes, we will use the Mirror Exercise to heal through challenges on your Twin Flame journey. Every person in the class provides a unique perspective and experience that deeply enriches the energy of the class and provides exponential value to the experience.

If you’re serious about healing separation on your Twin Flame journey, Group Ascension Coaching classes are for you. Our classes provide a nurturing and safe space to share about your Twin Flame journey in the company of others experiencing similar challenges. Come join us and heal separation for good, build lasting friendships, and have fun!

Currently, classes are taught by Cristina and held via Zoom on Tuesdays from 7pm – 8:30pm Eastern Time. More class times will be opened in the future.

The fee for classes is $111 USD every 4 weeks ($27.75 per class), billed via PayPal or credit card subscription.

To learn more and enroll, please complete your information below. We will return your message within 24 hours.


$119 / 4 weeks



Daily Twin Flame Readings and Other Videos.


Daily Spiritual Guidance and Twin Flame Advice.

For an in-depth look at the Twin Flame Journey, along with deeper explanations of  healing with the Mirror Exercise, we highly recommend anyone seeking to come together with their Twin Flames to check out the book Twin Flames Finding Your Ultimate Lover. Created by Jeff and Shaleia Divine, our Spiritual Teachers, it serves as heart of their work, and the foundation of our services.