Bold New Beginnings

Twin Flame Energy Update: January 22 - 28, 2024

Powerful energy is coming in for the Twin Flame collective this week, as karmic cycles have closed out, bringing forth new beginnings and blessings. Know that it is safe to trust the love and peace you feel in your heart, and to pursue your dreams with all of your passion. You are being gently guided toward a bold and positive new chapter.

Oracle Card for the Week: New Beginnings

From The Psychic Tarot, by John Holland

You may notice that a new chapter is starting for you on your Twin Flame journey this week. As a recent karmic cycle has completed, new energy is entering your life and fueling your spiritual work toward your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Allow yourself the space to fully receive and process this new energy. Soon, you may receive Divine guidance toward your next steps.

Twin Flame Collective Energies

As the week begins, you may feel yourself gently called to address any addictions or limiting behaviors in your consciousness. Is there anywhere in your life where you are placing too much emphasis on seeking physical pleasures, at the expense of your spiritual expansion? These areas are pointing to parts of you that are calling for your love and connection. When you put Love first in your life, all of the other aspects of your reality naturally come into balance.

The Divine Feminine Receives a New Awareness

Divine Feminine, you are entering a period of massive growth and expansion. This growth and expansion is beginning this week through eye-opening new awareness. You already have everything that you need in order to create your Heaven on Earth. Through your connection to the Divine, you have the capacity to co-create everything you desire. Give yourself plenty of opportunity this week to visualize your dream life. What does it feel like? What do you desire to draw into your reality? When you claim it with all of your heart, you set the wheels into motion.

This new awareness is bringing forth change in your life. The structures, systems, and beliefs that are no longer serving you are being dismantled to support your growth and expansion. Do not be afraid of this change; it is happening to support the loving reality that you called in. When you allow the old to wash away, new seeds of joy, abundance, and eternal prosperity can bloom in your life, supporting your journey toward your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The Divine Masculine Builds Foundation

Divine Masculine, this week is driving you to focus on your foundation. Your relationship with the physical world is calling for deeper examination and Love. When you choose to partner with the Divine in your foundation, you build your life upon a bedrock of joy, love, and prosperity. Have you been placing your energy and attention toward relationships, beliefs, or activities that don’t give back to you? This week, you’re being called to assess where your attention is going, so that you can ensure that you are investing your energy where it will truly bear fruit.

Your relationship with your physical reality is essential on the Twin Flame journey. You are creating your Heaven on Earth. This requires you to establish a healthy relationship with your finances, your living space, your body, and your relationships, so that you can create a balanced and healthy life. When you devote yourself to extending Divine Love into all facets of your reality, you magnetize your Twin Flame closer.

Claim your Joy

This week is inviting you into the next chapter of your journey. You are being guided into the next steps necessary for achieving your dreams. It’s important to claim your dreams with all of your heart. When you give yourself permission to manifest your desires, you will naturally be guided toward the next steps toward their fulfillment.