The First Step Toward Harmonious Twin Flame Union

The journey towards uniting with your Twin Flame in Harmonious Union is a profound and transformative experience. Manifesting Harmonious Twin Flame Union requires a shift in your consciousness from separation to Union consciousness. At the core of this consciousness is the belief that only Love is truly real.

The process of reuniting with your true Twin Flame seems to mystify and frustrate many, because Harmonious Twin Flame Union is a transcendental state of being which requires a foundational change in how you see reality. That said, the process in and of itself is simple – continue to choose Love at your core. The Teachings of Union show you how to navigate this gently and compassionately.

In order to manifest anything, you have to be very clear in your intention. This is where many people find themselves stuck in the process. Deciding to manifest your Twin Flame into your life for the purpose of Harmonious Twin Flame Union is the essential first step. You may find yourself continuously going deeper in this decision, understanding the nature of what you have truly called in more and more clearly every time, until you feel completely clear that this is your heart’s true desire.

We are powerful manifestors. When we truly decide we want something, it is ours. This is because the desires in our heart were placed there by our Creator, and they all have a specific purpose. Think about the last time you manifested something that you wanted. The most important part was getting clear about what it was you wanted – once you were clear, the wheels were already set in motion. It’s the same with your Twin Flame.

You and your Twin Flame were created as One from the same spiritual DNA. You share one consciousness and make the same core choices. As a result, your Twin Flame is your Divine Complement and your most accurate Divine Mirror, showing you always what you are choosing, simply by being themselves. If you’re experiencing the absence of your Twin Flame in your life, then, using simple logic, on some level, you aren’t choosing your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. It’s okay to recognize this – emotional honesty and self-compassion is essential here.

I remember in a Twin Flame Ascension School class when Jeff broke this news to the class. He let us know that we weren’t with our Twin Flames because we didn’t want to be. This was shocking! How could this be? We’ve been working so hard for this – of course I want it! But, at that time, as I dug deeper, there were many places in my consciousness where I was still working through that choice to truly be with my Twin Flame. It was a relief to learn that this was a natural and normal part of the process.

“It is only when you decide that anything can manifest for you. The decision stage is one of trial and effort. You will be tried for your alignment with your Twin Flame. You will not be able to see, hear, feel, taste, or touch your Twin Flame until you work yourself into alignment with your Twin Flame, and Harmonious Twin Flame Union.” – Jeff and Shaleia, Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover

When you choose to attract your Twin Flame into your life, you are choosing to embark on a journey of spiritual ascension. Deciding to be with your Twin Flame sends a powerful signal to the universe that you are ready and committed to experiencing this profound connection. It sets the stage for the law of attraction to work in your favor by drawing in the necessary circumstances and opportunities that will lead to your Harmonious Union. When you make a core choice to begin this journey, you will inevitably be shown the next steps. The next step is always by working through the challenges in your reality.

Once you truly decide on something, it’s yours. There is truly nothing that can separate you from your Twin Flame. Have compassion for yourself as you navigate the journey, knowing that when you’re truly ready, your Twin Flame will be ready, too.