Does your Twin Flame Feel what you Feel?

If you’re on the Twin Flame journey, chances are you’ve heard that Twin Flames can experience a great deal of metaphysical phenomena together, such as synchronicities, telepathy, and vivid dreams. Twin Flames share one consciousness, and so they are often having shared experiences together – but what does this really mean? Is your Twin Flame feeling what you’re feeling?

To answer this, we first need to lay some groundwork. The Twin Flame journey is a spiritual journey – it follows or aligns with an awakening into deeper spirituality and an exploration of your true, authentic self. Deep feelings begin to arise as you explore your heart and your reality – feelings that were once subconscious are coming to the surface to be processed and cleared. For many people, identifying these feelings can feel strange or difficult, and a common misconception arises that the feelings they are feeling are not theirs, but rather, they belong to their Twin Flame.

You and your Twin Flame were created at the same time. You were created together with the intention of being each other’s perfect partner throughout all of eternity. Because of this, you share the same soul blueprint and vibrate together at the same frequency. Twin Flames make the same core choices, manifest soul lessons together, and function as one consciousness, regardless of whether they are in physical separation or in Harmonious Union.

While you and your Twin Flame share one consciousness, it’s important to recognize that you are individual souls and individual people, and you may each have your own experiences, personal lessons, and emotions at any given time. Therefore, any feeling that you are feeling within you is yours to feel, process, and heal through.

Twin Flames work together, as perfect partners, on their journey of spiritual ascension. This means that by working through whatever challenges are arising in your life independently, you are changing the baseline vibration of your Union, and as a result, you will experience deeper and deeper harmony. While it may be tempting to seek validation or reassurance from your Twin Flame, taking personal responsibility for your own feelings and challenges and working through them is what truly brings you closer.

Give yourself the time and space to feel and process your emotions completely. Meditation, journaling, and practicing presence with yourself are all incredibly beneficial. You can use the Mirror Exercise, taught in Twin Flames, Finding your Ultimate Lover, by Jeff and Shaleia, to quickly bring yourself to peace through any upset that arises on your journey. Although you and your Twin Flame may be having a shared experience, if it is in your consciousness, it’s your responsibility to heal it within you. Your Twin Flame is also processing their feelings in their own way.

The Twin Flame journey is a path of self-discovery, personal growth, spiritual ascension, and of course, romance. You and your Twin Flame were created to be each other’s ultimate lover, and you can relax into the knowing that your Twin Flame feels for you just as you feel for them. Together, you are both partnered on a spiritual journey to manifest your Harmonious Union. When you relax into the journey and work through the challenges arising in your own reality, you are doing your part to bring deeper peace and harmony to your Union.