Does my Twin Flame Need to Heal?

If you’re on the Twin Flame journey, you may have heard on more than one occasion that Twin Flames are One at the core, and that because of this, your Twin Flame is your Divine Mirror. It’s true – you and your Twin Flame share one consciousness, and you are moving through the same core lessons at the same time. Even if, on the outside, the way you experience the lesson looks different, at the core, you’re still always working through the same core lessons together.

So, that being the case, maybe you’re wondering, if you heal as one, and your Twin Flame heals with you, then, do they need to be physically with you or “on board” with the Twin Flame journey for you to make progress?

The great news is that, since you and your Twin Flame are One at the core, any work you do to heal the consciousness of separation within yourself and bring yourself to greater peace directly benefits your Twin Flame Union, regardless of what your situation looks like on the outside. So, no, they don’t need to be physically with you for you to experience healing on your Twin Flame journey. Since you make the same core choices, no matter what your external circumstance is, at the core, if you are choosing to align with peace and heal your Union, they are choosing the same. It’s 100% safe for you to choose Love.

What about when your Twin Flame has an upset and isn’t choosing to heal it?

That’s a great question. A lot of times, we can very clearly see our Twin Flame’s upsets and patterns, and we might notice that they don’t see it, or don’t see it as a priority to resolve the problem. You, on the other hand, are very irked by the situation and would like to see this resolved immediately. If you’re looking at it from a lens of separation, it might feel natural for you to think, “If only they would just heal this, everything would be resolved!” You might even find yourself sitting in that energy for a while, stewing over it, wondering why they just won’t CHANGE this one thing.

The truth is, if it’s in your consciousness, and especially if it’s bothering you, it’s your responsibility to work through it.

Daniel and I have been there many times, for sure. We’ve both been the frustrated party at one time or the other, and when this happens, it seems like the longer we sit in the upset feelings, the more the other person refuses to look at it and change. Sitting in the upset and labeling the other person as the problem isn’t going to help you resolve it; in fact, it prolongs the upset since you’re both making the same choice to avoid it. Thankfully, there’s a way to resolve this, heal the upset or misaligned belief, and move forward. It just takes a willingness to heal and some emotional honesty.

As always, the Mirror Exercise can support you working through the problem. You might say, “Well, I’m not the one doing the thing! If only they would stop doing the thing then everything would be fine!” Maybe you’ve already tried the Mirror Exercise here and don’t resonate with it on the surface. In these cases, you have to look at why it bothers you that they’re doing the thing. Go deeper; it’s always accurate! In the end, it might not actually be what they’re doing that is the real problem, but it’s what you’re associating with it, or how it makes you feel.

Being really honest with your feelings is essential. Your feelings are valid and worth listening to and expressing within yourself. Paying attention to your feelings is an important part of developing an emotionally safe relationship with yourself, and your Twin Flame. When you really allow yourself to fully feel your feelings, you may find that there was something you were wanting to receive from your Twin Flame, that you could actually receive from God (Source/the Universe/Love) within. In truth, your Twin Flame doesn’t need to give you anything; your Twin Flame is there to harmonize with you and expand the love and joy within your hearts together, but they cannot give you what you haven’t yet given yourself. Truly, no one can; all of the Love you desire comes from God first.

It’s quite liberating when you realize that you don’t need anything from your Twin Flame. They may not ever decide to change that one annoying thing they’re doing, and they don’t need to for you to feel good, now. It’s when you release attachment to their choice, and give yourself everything you need to feel loved, that you take all the power away from ego in that situation. When you let go of control, you’re releasing resistance from the situation, which makes way for more peace and raises the collective vibration of your Union.

You can trust that Twin Flames heal as one. Just earlier this week, Daniel and I were moving through a heavy, exhausting energy within our Union. We were finding ourselves extremely busy, with very little time for ourselves to relax and replenish our energy. Daniel began feeling ill, and went to bed early. After he went to bed, I did a bit of inner work. I wasn’t feeling the upset as intensely as he was, but I was bothered by it, and I was bothered by how it was affecting our Union. As I did the Mirror Exercise and loved myself, I realized that I needed to be more present with myself. It wasn’t about having less to do, but it was about giving myself much more support. I went to bed feeling peaceful and with a clear plan for how I would be supporting myself more. The next morning, Daniel said, “I was doing inner work this morning and realized that I need to be more present with myself.” Boom, same core choice!

The Twin Flame journey can feel confusing at first, but stick with it. You’ll get the hang of how to solve problems in your relationship the right way and expand the peace in your Union. Learning and applying the Teachings of Union were essential for us to be able to heal the separation in our Union and come together. As you get the hang of it, it gets easier, and the joy and peace continue to grow, eternally.