Conquering Your Cave of Fear

Everything you desire to experience on your Twin Flame journey is on the other side of your fear. Conquering Twin Flame separation is a process of bringing the light of Love to those places in your consciousness that are entrenched in darkness and fear. There is no need to worry though: you are never going to be given anything on your journey that you can’t handle. If you choose to persist in Love, you will always succeed.

Attracting your Twin Flame into your reality and aligning with your Harmonious Twin Flame Union involves healing the consciousness of separation that keeps you apart. Healing from separation consciousness to Union consciousness naturally requires making new choices that are more loving for you. Very often, some of the choices we have been making that are keeping us in separation are subconscious and deeply ingrained. We may not even notice we’re doing it, because this is the way we’ve existed for so long. This is where feeling your feelings becomes absolutely essential. Your feelings will not steer you wrong – if something doesn’t feel right, safe, or peaceful, it’s worth looking at and choosing to identify what feels not loving. From there, you can also do the Mirror Exercise to assist you in getting clear and making a new, loving choice.

In a Twin Flame Ascension School class titled “The Cave of Fear” (W1Class22), Jeff and Shaleia discuss in depth how critical it is to feel your feelings as you move through challenges on your Twin Flame journey. They work closely with a student who is experiencing great difficulty understanding how to feel her feelings, and they explain to her that it is a choice to be present with yourself. Everything that she desires to experience with her Twin Flame will come to her as a result of choosing to be truly present with herself and feel her feelings.

In this situation, the student’s Twin Flame was mirroring to her a core choice not to make time for her feelings. Her Twin Flame was willing to have a lighthearted, surface-level conversation, but when it came time to actually commit, he made loose plans to meet up and never followed through. The student herself was behaving the same way towards her feelings, telling herself she was committed to her journey, but when uncomfortable feelings would arise in her heart, she would brush them off, feeling like it was “unproductive” to be present with them and honor how she really felt.

It’s actually in feeling these feelings that one makes progress on their Twin Flame journey. You and your Twin Flame are perfectly connected energetically, always. Your communication is largely energetic; the words you say to each other are only a small fraction of the energetic communication that is happening within your heart all the time. When you choose to ignore your feelings, you are choosing to ignore yourself, and your Twin Flame Union.

“If you want a real relationship, it requires you to feel your feelings, especially one this intimate and this romantic. A lover is an emotional experience.” – Jeff and Shaleia

In the class, the student was confused and did not understand, believing that in order to feel her feelings there must be something new to learn, something new that the class had not yet revealed. As she tries to take notes, Jeff and Shaleia assure her that the work is not a “concept” or something outside of her. The only way she will get to where she wants to go is by choosing to feel. “You’re never going to get enough ‘concepts’ to make you feel better,” they say to her. After more discussion and exploration, the student admits that she is afraid to feel her feelings, because she is afraid to feel bad.

This is a common experience, and it’s one that you may also confront on your Twin Flame journey. You must be willing to go through your Cave of Fear to come out the other side. There is no need to be afraid of your feelings, as Jeff and Shaleia assured the student. When you release the fear around feeling your feelings, you become strong and resilient. This level of mastery is critical to be able to face the natural challenges that life presents and transcend them victoriously.

“If you want to experience this higher level of bliss, you need to have a higher level of mastery that maintains that,” Jeff and Shaleia explain in the class.

Feeling your feelings is not something society teaches us, in general. In fact, many of us may go to great lengths to avoid feeling something unpleasant. It’s safe to be gentle and compassionate with yourself as you learn how to truly be present with uncomfortable emotions. Every choice you make to heal an upset completely by bringing Love and presence to the bad feelings makes you stronger and brings you one step closer to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.