Guided by Love

Collective Energy Update: March 11 - 17, 2024

A new beginning is unfolding for you as the week begins. Fresh new energy is coming through to the collective, bringing forth change, growth, and expansion. A dream you’ve held in your heart could be close to fulfillment. When you choose to align your intentions with Love, you will always be supported.

Oracle Card for the Week: Guidance

From the Rider-Waite Tarot

Where are you focusing your attention? Are you focusing on love, or are you focusing on fear or worry? When you set Love as your guide, you will always be guided toward exactly the right direction for you. You know that you’re being guided by Love because it feels peaceful in your heart. The right choice will always be the most loving choice. Choosing Love benefits all.

Current Collective Energy: Give yourself Space to Relax

As the week begins, we’re coming off of a New Moon in Pisces. Your energy at the beginning of the week might feel a bit dreamy, or a bit relaxed. You’ve likely experienced a new awareness in your inner journey that is supporting you in going to the next level, or you’re about to. This is a time to heal, process, and integrate, so that you can be ready to take action when the time is right. There is no need to rush or be impulsive – you’re exactly where you need to be.

Current Challenge: Your Challenges can be Resolved

Something that you’ve hoped for is coming into your reality. This is a powerful testament to all of your inner work! As a result, you may have a lot of feelings coming up to be felt, processed, and released. Allowing yourself to be present with all of your feelings is essential in helping you let go of what no longer serves you, so that you can vibrate in harmony with your desires. You might find it helpful to journal about how you’re feeling, use the Mirror Exercise to work through limiting beliefs, or simply sit with yourself and allow the feelings to come to the surface. When you allow yourself to fully process your feelings and come to peace, you will receive the clarity you desire.

How to Resolve this Challenge: Have Faith in your Dreams!

Every challenge has a Divine solution. There is no problem or issue too great for Love to solve. When you choose to have faith that any challenge before you can be solved, you are choosing to open your heart to solutions and healing. In order to manifest your dreams, you have to be willing to claim them fully in your heart. Giving yourself permission to have faith that your dreams can be fulfilled is the first step in claiming them. You are worthy of a Divine life of love and happiness. When you allow yourself to get clear on your dreams, you are telling the Universe that you deserve to receive them made manifest.

What Resolving this Challenge will Bring You: A Much-Needed Release

A great deal of peace is coming your way as you resolve this challenge at the core. Allow yourself to release the tension you’ve been holding onto as you let go. It’s safe to receive all of the love that’s coming to you. Your healing journey is not always going to be an uphill climb. Healing happens in cycles; there are times of deep inner work, there are breakthroughs, and there are times of expansion and release. You are being prepared for expansion and growth, which will help you align with the dreams that you’ve been manifesting.

What you’re calling in: Deeper Commitment

When you choose to completely commit to your dreams, your persistence will always be rewarded. As the week closes out, an opportunity to commit more deeply to your goals may arise. This opportunity is coming to you as a result of your choice to love yourself fully. It’s safe to take this step forward from a place of peace. Your dreams are coming true, one step at a time.

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