One Consciousness, Two People

Committing to regular support is essential toward your success on your ascension journey. In group ascension coaching, we come together weekly for 90 minutes to work on deep blocks to love with the benefit of a supportive group environment.

Are you manifesting your life purpose?

Are you seeking balance in your relationships?

Are you desiring more confidence?

Are you harmonizing with your perfect romantic partner?

Are you learning how to stand up for yourself?

Are you seeking success in your life?

Ascension Coaching is for you.

You are worth it. Your perfect life of love is ready to be claimed.

You have to choose it.

Ready to jump in?

Wednesday 9pm EST

Monthly Subscription: $119

Interested in seeing what it’s like? Attend 1 class for $49.

*All Group Coaching Clients receive a 20% discount on private sessions. 

Group coaching sessions meet online every Wednesday at 9pm EST.

Registration fee is $199 monthly.

Group members are welcomed on a rolling basis. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Refunds will not be issued for unattended sessions within a billing cycle.